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Profacgen: Multi-protein Expression Service in Insect Cells Now Available at Profacgen

Hits:330   Date: 8/24/2023
Profacgen, one of the leading biotechnology companies that provides first-class protein expression services, recently announced the release of multi-protein expression service in insect cells, to help scientists conduct protein co-expression network analysis and interaction studies.
Multiprotein complexes are involved in a wide range of cellular processes, including transcription, translation, RNA splicing, signaling cascades, protein trafficking, and degradation. Scientists realized that the function of a protein is dependent not only on its own physicochemical properties, but also on its interaction with its partners and their characteristics, so more and more studies have begun to focus on the structure of protein complexes and function. Protein complexes have played important roles in the biotechnology industry, metabolic engineering, and even biopharmaceutical therapeutics, and the strategy of reconstituting multiple proteins through protein co-expression has become a widely used method.
For the expression of proteins in insect cells, the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) is a potent tool. During high-level expression, this system is inherently safe and has post-translational modification capabilities comparable to those of mammalian cells. Therefore, an increasing number of researchers are favoring the use of BEVS to carry out protein co-expression studies in insect cells.
Supported by extensive experience accumulated in the field of baculovirus-insect expression systems, scientists at Profacgen now can provide various strategies of co-expression services:
Single polycistronic baculovirus (co-expression)
Proteins are produced by a single baculovirus that is polycistronic and carries numerous foreign genes.
Multiple monocistronic baculoviruses (co-infection)
Multiple baculoviruses that each carry a single foreign gene (monocistronic) are used to express proteins.
Combination of the two methods mentioned above
Up to now, researchers can choose from a comprehensive list of protein co-expression services offered by Profacgen, covering: protein co-expression service in e. coli system, protein co-expression service in mammalian cells, and the newly launched one, multi-protein expression service in insect cells.
“As the great potential of multi-protein complexes show in the biotechnology industry, metabolic engineering and even biopharmaceutical therapy, we launched this service to offering you a fast and efficient methods to generate complexes in soluble forms and to study protein interaction networks” commented Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen.
More detailed information about the multi-protein expression service in insect cells newly released by Profacgen can be viewed at: https://www.profacgen.com/multi-protein-expression-service-in-insect-cells.html.