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Ziath Ltd: Externally Threaded Cryogenic Sample Storage Tubes

Hits:555   Date: 8/15/2023
Ziath reports how its 2ml CryzoTraq™ 2-ECT storage tube maintains high sample integrity by minimising the chance of cross-contamination as their externally threaded design eliminates the possibility of sample encountering the screw thread.

Cryogenic storage is widely used in laboratories to preserve valuable samples in vapour phase liquid nitrogen, a method that requires special products that can tolerate low temperatures without compromising the samples.Affordably priced, CryzoTraq™ 2-ECT tubes are made from non-cytotoxic and non-mutagenic plastic resins and are certified Human DNA, DNase/RNase/Pyrogen and ATP/PCR Inhibitor free, sterile to SAL 10-6 and compliant with IATA PI 650 for safe transport by air. While CryzoTraq™ 2-ECT tubes are designed to safely store samples down to -195C they may also be used at general cold-storage temperatures.

Each CryzoTraq™ 2-ECT tube carries a unique 2D Datamatrix code inserted in the bottom, sequential and corresponding to the "Code 128" printed on the tube body. They are designed for storing cells, blood, serum, and other biological fluids. Their unique design includes an innovative bi-injected cap where plastic and silicon parts are melted in a single body which ensures that there is no leaking or contamination and gives a tight grip when screwed shut. The cap design allows the use of suitable automatic capper/decapper systems, such as the IntelliX-cap from Azenta Life Sciences.


CryzoTraq™ 2-ECT tubes have screw-style closures that ensure their externally threaded caps stay on despite temperature and air pressure changes that occur during sample thawing. Skirted bottoms on CryzoTraq™ 2-ECT tubes allow them to stand up unaided on your laboratory workbench.

To request a free sample pack of CryzoTraq™ 2-ECT tubes please visit  https://ziath.com/products/tubes/cryzotraq-tubes-and-racks or contact Ziath on +44-1223-855021 / +1-858-880-6920 / +31-6-4314-1195 /info@ziath.com.  

Ziath specialises in development of innovative instrumentation and software for sample management using 2D Data Matrix bar-coded tubes. These products are widely used in academic, biotech and pharmaceutical organisations. Part of the Consumables and Instruments division of Azenta Life Sciences (Chelmsford, MA), the company is well placed to support customers worldwide. 

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