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Ziath Ltd: Fast and Simple Retrieval Whole Tissue Samples

Hits:1682   Date: 8/2/2023
The Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker from Ziath is designed to select and pick wide, heavy, or tall tubes making this new system perfect for retrieving individual whole tissue samples from storage.
The Mohawk 48 uses forty-eight solenoid pins to enable a specific frozen or thawed sample tube to be raised and selected when a 48-position tube rack is presented according to a pick list from Excel or a LIMS system. Alternatively specific individual tubes can be manually selected and picked via the user interface. Individual sample tubes can be picked from a single rack, or users can create a picklist to select tubes across multiple racks. Pick lists can be created by connecting the Mohawk to a Ziath whole-rack reader, such as the Mirage. The advantage in that case is that Destination racks of picked tubes can also be verified for accuracy on the same reader.


Proven in installations worldwide – Mohawk tube selection and picking technology avoids the need for slow and costly robotic systems – importing a pick list, selecting, and picking larger whole tissue sample tubes in just seconds.
Connecting the Mohawk 48 directly to a 2D-barcode scanner for tube confirmation provides extra sample tracking and security. Operating in this configuration it is also possible to generate picklists directly from the tube barcodes. For further traceability, a 1D-scanner for reading the rack barcode is included as standard.
For further information on the Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker please visit https://ziath.com/newmohawk48 or contact Ziath +44-1223-855021 / +31-6 431-41195 / +1-858-880-6920 / info@ziath.com 
Founded in 2005, Ziath specialise in the development of innovative instrumentation control and information management products using 2D DataMatrix bar-coded tubes to simplify automation processes in life science organisations, from academia to the biotech and pharma industries.
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