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SKYLUX® Low Protein Binding PP will be Showcased on Medtec China 2023

Hits:991   Date: 5/15/2023
Driven by the rapid growth in proteomics and protein research applications the need for storage tubes where interaction between the sample and the tube surface is minimized has grown exponentially. The need for storage tubes which exhibit ultra-low-binding properties is critical to these research fields due to the low concentrations of proteins typically found in samples. With SKYLUX Low Protein Binding PP Resin, protein recovery rate of consumables for proteomics and protein research could be maximized and consequently protein loss could be minimized.

DragonChem Limited will showcased SKYLUX Low-Protein-Binding Polypropylene(PP) Resin on MedtecChina Jun.1-3, 2023 in Suzhou, China.

Benefits with SKYLUX Low-Protein-Binding-PP :
. No post-treatments are deeded on end-products
. No additives are needed on consumable manufacturing
. Conventional injection machines can be used
. Conventional mold can be used
. Food contact safe
. Low extractables
With over 10 years serving customers in medical and laboratory industries, DragonChem Limited understands the needs of the fields, and provides professional service to brand owners, product designers and manufacturers on plastic material selection, stock-keeping, distribution & processing trouble shooting. On the event of MedtecChina 2023, the sales engineers of DragonChem Limited will be happy to meet you to learn your needs and discuss with you to overcome critical issues.

DRAGONCHEM LIMTIED is focusing on application development and sales distribution for medical grade polymers, transparent polymers and antimicrobial polymers. With sales team and technical service team in Hong Kong and China, the company provides polymer consultation, technical support and troubleshooting to end users whenever they want.
DRGONCHEM LIMITED supplies : TROGAMID Care (Transparent Polyamide),
VESTAMID Care (PA12 & PEBA), Tairipro (medical grade PP K4520), Tairilac (medical grade ABS AG16A1), Tairilite (medical grade PC AC6000), Purell (medical grade PP & PE), CELLENE (medcial grade TPE), MSK (medical grade MMBS MSK916), SKYLUX (Specialty & Functional Plastics), BACTOSTAT bacteria-repellent-plastics with with stock sales in China and Malaysia.

Looking forward to seeing you on booth #B1-A311 of MedtecChina 2023!
DragonChem Limited