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Carterra Expands Best-in-class Franchise with the Launch of the LSAXT High-throughput SPR Biosensor at SLAS 2023

Hits:366   Date: 3/15/2023
New instrument provides greater sensitivity to enable additional applications for discovery and characterization of novel therapeutics with unrivalled throughput and efficiency
Salt Lake City, Utah, February 27, 2023 – Carterra Inc., the world leader in innovative technologies enabling high-throughput biology, launched its latest HT-SPR instrument, the LSAXT, at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, CA. The LSAXT brings augmented sensitivity to Carterra’s highly successful LSA platform enabling additional applications throughout drug discovery and development at throughput levels unseen in any other instrument. Carterra will be showcasing the new LSAXT platform for high-throughput SPR at the SLAS event (booth 2127) with a launch program that includes a user presentation by Dragonfly Therapeutics on February 27 at 2:00 pm.


The LSAXT instrument boasts additional hardware and software features that build upon the capabilities of Carterra’s original and highly successful LSA instrument while maintaining its impressive throughput and sample efficiency. The LSA delivers 100 times the data in 10% of the time-to-answer and uses 1% of the sample required by other label-free platforms. The LSAXT enables an expanded range of applications that include some of the most exciting and growing areas in drug discovery such as proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTACs), membrane proteins, DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) compounds, and rapid kinetic systems such as cytokines, protein-protein inhibitors, and Fc gamma receptors. Additionally, the increased performance in the LSAXT allows measurement of lower molecular weight analytes including kinase inhibitors.  
Since its launch in 2018, Carterra’s LSA antibody discovery and characterization platform has penetrated 19 of the largest 20 pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and biotechs on four continents. Characterizing binding kinetics and epitope coverage of large numbers of antibodies early in the drug discovery process has been transformative. The speed at which antibodies can now be identified and characterized as candidate therapeutics has vastly improved compared to traditional methods. The LSA platform has been profiled in multiple Science, Nature, and Cell peer-reviewed papers, one of which profiled the development of a novel monoclonal antibody therapeutic, bamlanivimab, which was the world’s first COVID-19 therapeutic and the fastest biologic ever to reach clinical trials thanks to Eli Lilly and AbCellera.
At SLAS, scientists from Dragonfly Therapeutics will discuss the benefits of running the Fc gamma receptor (FcγR) binding application which is a critical component of ADCC, ADCP, and CDC and an important feature to measure in Fc-containing molecules. Data will be presented showcasing the ability to characterize a full panel of biotinylated FcγRs now possible with the Carterra LSAXT’s throughput and greater flexibility, resulting in significantly faster time to results and sample efficiency than currently available 8-channel biosensor instruments in the market.
Speaking about the launch of the LSAXT at SLAS 2023, Christopher Silva, Vice President of Marketing and Product at Carterra added, “This is a great day for biologics discovery scientists and for Carterra. You always run the risk of missed expectations when you launch a follow-on product after a game changer like the LSA. But we’ve proved that with the LSAXT the story only gets better for us and our customers.”
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