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Esco Service Engineer Certified by CETA-CNBT for Fume Hood ASHRAE 110 Testing

Hits:1844   Date: 6/18/2019
Esco Global Services takes professional pride in ensuring compliance with legal guidelines and ISO standards while helping your company minimize disruption or downtime of equipment thus improving your company's productivity. Esco is proud to be one of the few manufacturers in the world with a test facility capable of testing hoods to both ASHRAE 110-2016 (US) and the EN14175-3 (European) standards. Esco is also one of the few companies to routinely sample and subject production fume hoods to a battery of containment and safety tests.
The ASHRAE 110-2016 standard is a comprehensive method for evaluating the operator safety of fume hoods by determining quantitatively how efficient the fume hood contains vapors released in the work zone. This standard was first published in 1985 and extensively revised in 2016. It employs a set of rigorous tests to evaluate hood performance: Airflow Visualization, Face Velocity Measurements, and Tracer Gas Containment.

Esco ensures that its service is on top of the line - providing exhaustive and reliable service since 1978. Our global network of Field Service Representatives, armed with up-to-date annual safety training, assures on-site response within 24 hours for priority cases or clients. Our Esco Service Team is committed to provide timely and responsive service while meeting or even exceeding customer's expectations.
Not only do our engineers specialize in Esco products but they are also trained to service other brands. Just recently, an experienced Esco service engineer, Poh Seah Seow, passed the certification for Fume Hood ASHRAE 110 Testing by Controlled Environment Testing Association’s National Board of Testing (CETA-CNBT). This is a certification program for professionals who validate sterile compounding facilities, controlled environments, and equipment such as laminar flow devices, sterile ovens, biological safety cabinets, and chemical fume hoods. It also covers equipment that requires accredited, professional, precision testing, and certification. Mr. Seow has successfully completed the examination and was hereby designated as a Registered Professional for Fume Hood ASHRAE 110 Testing. Hence, he has fundamental knowledge required to perform a controlled environment certification — in compliance with relevant international standards.
This is just one of the many reasons why you should engage in Esco services. Accreditations of our engineers prove that Esco upholds its promise of being an Excellent Service COmpany that delivers only the highest standard of service.
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