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Asynt: Reliable and Effective Parallel Stirrer / Blenders

Hits:2120   Date: 7/30/2015

The DrySyn Vortex family from Asynt has been expanded to now comprise three systems, all designed to stir or blend up to three reactions at one time, whilst heating or cooling.

Stirring tasks are most often performed in laboratories using magnetic hotplate stirrers which couple to PTFE magnetic stirring bars in the reaction vessel.  Disadvantages of magnetic stirrers include that they are not suitable for highly viscous liquids or for stirring / blending reactions that have high amounts of solid which can often prove too much for the magnetic coupling.

Reliable and Effective Parallel Stirrer / Blenders

The DrySyn Vortex system was designed to enable scientists to perform multiple heated or cooled stirred or blended reactions in round bottomed flasks up to 500ml. Incorporating a powerful gear drive stirrer design the highly reliable DrySyn Vortex has proven especially popular with polymer and material scientists. To complement the original DrySyn Vortex - Asynt has now developed two further Vortex systems each incorporating the proven drive gear stirring system and optimised to suit different application needs.

For scientists who need to mix and blend formulations in pots and beakers - Asynt has introduced the Vortex Blend.  The Vortex Blend accommodates beakers up to 1000ml volume and many cylindrical containers up to a diameter of 90mm.  As the Vortex Blend can also be heated it provides the perfect stirring / blending tool for formulation laboratories.

The Vortex Snowstorm offers an attractive solution for stirred low temperature reaction chemistry. Active temperature control from +150oC to -30oC, using a suitable heating/cooling circulator unit, permits unattended operation of up to 12 vials at any one time.

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