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European Lab Automation at LABVOLUTION: A Perfect Symbiosis

Hits:2376   Date: 6/1/2015
Together with our partner SELECTBIO we will be staging the top event for the lab automation sector – European Lab Automation 2015 – under the umbrella of LABVOLUTION. This combined conference and exhibition will take place in Hall 9 from 6– 8 October.
European Lab Automation at LABVOLUTION: A Perfect Symbiosis
ELA is an annual exhibition and conference showcase organized by the UK-based firm SELECTBIO (Select Biosciences Ltd). Since its launch in 2011, ELA has been held three times in Hamburg and once – just recently, in May of this year – in Barcelona. Next year, it will be held at the Hannover Exhibition Center, (in Hannover, Germany), as part of LABVOLUTION. The exhibition component of ELA will run on all three LABVOLUTION show days – 6 to 8 October – in Hall 9, while the conference component will be held right next door in the Convention Center complex on 7 and 8 October. ELA will also feature three conferences, the topics covered by each being: innovations in lab automation and robotics; personalized medicine and its ramifications for hospitals; genome engineering.
The ELA Conferences from 7 till 8 October 2015 in the Convention Center
  • Analytical Laboratories
  • Bio-banking & Bio-repositories
  • Compound Management
  • Genomics Research
  • Bio-banking & Bio-repositories
  • Emerging Technologies
  • EU Perspectives on Diagnostics Regulation
  • Genome Editing
  • CRISPR/Cas9, TALENs, Zn-finger Nucleases
  • Gene Correction
  • Next-Generation Technologies for Genome Engineering
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