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FTA brings Biotech China Swiss Pavilion

Hits:147   Date: 12/25/2013

China and Switzerland signed a landmark free trade agreement (FTA) on 6 July 2013, paving the way for significant reductions in Customs duty rates between both parties that may commence as early as the middle of next year.

China is the world’s second largest economy after the United States and one of Switzerland’s most important foreign trade partners. China is the largest buyer of Swiss industrial products in Asia and the third largest worldwide (after the EU and the United States). In 2012 Switzerland exported goods to the value of CHF 7.8 billion to China (3.7% of all Swiss exports), with Swiss imports from China totalling CHF 10.3 billion (5.5% of total imports). The main products exported by Switzerland to China include machines and instruments, watches and chemical and pharmaceutical products. Swiss imports from China include machinery, textiles and clothing, and watchmaking and chemical products. Also trade in services is of importance. Many Swiss service providers operate in China (including banks, insurance companies, logistics companies, quality inspection companies, management consultants). Conversely, Chinese service providers show increasing interest in Switzerland as a business location.

With Chinese government made growing the biotechnology industry one of its top national priorities in its 12th five-year plan, the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly in recent years. Even though, China is still far behind Europe and USA in R&D and innovation.

While Switzerland is renowned for its advanced technologies and rich experience in bio pharmaceutical industry.

Under the background of inking of FTA and the great demand for advanced technologies and experiences in China, many Swiss companies are targeting the Chinese market. A group of 8 Swiss companies registered for 2014 Biotech China, wishing to seize the potencial market opportunies and looking for collaborations with Chinese companies.

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