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New Keynotes and Innovative Marketplaces at BIOTECHNICA 2013

Hits:2852   Date: 2/25/2013
New Keynotes and Innovative Marketplaces at BIOTECHNICA 2013BIOTECHNICA 2013 (8–10 October)
   -        Four new marketplaces dedicated to topical issues
   -        Focus on bio-economics
   -        Strong Partner Country: Switzerland
Hannover, Germany. BIOTECHNICA, Europe’s leading trade fair for biotechnology, the life sciences and laboratory equipment, will take place in Hannover for the twentieth time from 8 to 10 October 2013. “BIOTECHNICA 2011 offered solid proof that this trade fair has developed into the most important biotech event in the whole of Europe. In 2013 we will build on this positive trend”, emphasized Dr. Jochen Köckler, member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe in Hannover. “On the basis of new keynote themes as well as focused marketplaces and with Switzerland – one of the leading and most innovative countries on the global biotech market – as our Partner Country, BIOTECHNICA will deliver future-oriented answers and solutions to the key challenges facing this sector world-wide.”
Four new “marketplaces” will focus on current trends within the biotech sector. “The marketplaces serve as hubs dedicated to the most important segments of the biotech market, where visitors and exhibitors can meet”, says Köckler. “Forums, joint displays and the stands of individual exhibitors within these special core areas help trade visitors in their search for new business contacts.”
The BIOTECHNICA exhibition program will be focusing on bio-economics for the first time. Köckler explains: “Bio-economics already plays a huge role in our future economy – from the use of biogenetic raw materials and modern technology in industrial applications to developing secure energy supplies for the future and ensuring a sufficient food supply worldwide”.
The growing interest in bio-economics owes a great deal to the advances made in biotechnology in various sectors of industry. This development is addressed at BIOTECHNICA in the “Industrial Biotechnology Marketplace”, which focuses in particular on the sustainable use of biomass and the latest bio-refinery concepts. Recent innovations in processes and products in enzyme production, fermentation technology and biocatalysis also form a central part of this display.
Biotech-based innovations also take center stage in the “Innovation in Food Marketplace”, which will present new concepts for the acquisition, processing and refinement of raw materials and foodstuffs. Sustainability, consumer safety, cost-effectiveness and the acceptance of biotechnology in food production are the focus themes of the exhibition as well as at the parallel symposium and forum. New analytical procedures designed to evaluate food safety will also be presented.
In 2012 bio-pharmaceuticals and vaccines accounted for approx. 25 percent of a global pharmaceutical market worth more than 970 billion US dollars – and the signs are that this market share will continue to grow. Product development in this segment is increasingly the result of cooperation between companies and institutes with quite diverse areas of expertise and specialization, similar to the division of labor in the automobile industry. This trend is reflected at the “BioServices Marketplace”, where the suppliers of new and tried-and-tested technology and services in the areas of research, development and the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines have the opportunity to meet new clients and potential business partners.
Personalized medicine is becoming a more important topic in health circles. In this context, research and development is focusing increasingly on the further improvement of genetic profiles and biomarkers to detect specific diseases. Biomedicine can play a big part in identifying genetic variations, diseases and the progression of disease, and can facilitate the development of new therapeutic approaches. With its new “Personalized Medicine Marketplace” the BIOTECHNICA fair offers a platform for demonstrating how molecular technologies – for example, next-generation sequencing, real-time PCR and immunohisto-chemistry – can take this area of medicine to a higher level.
Platform for knowledge and technology transfer
The conference and supporting program covers a broad range of topics embracing science, industry, the service sector and politics. BIOTECHNICA is also an efficient platform for networking – for example, bringing new companies and start-ups together with next-generation experts. Open forums not only provide an opportunity for the presentation of new developments, but also facilitate contact with clients and additional business.
The presentation of the EUROPEAN BIOTECHNICA AWARD during BIOTECHNICA also generates further opportunities for making new business contacts. In 2013 the Award will be devoted to the theme “Integration of Biotechnology into Industry” and will be bestowed on entries that best reflect this goal. The Award offers official recognition of European companies that have a successful track record in the development and marketing of biotechnological processes and products. 
For the first time in its history BIOTECHNICA will feature a Partner Country. Switzerland, a leader in the biotechnology market, will be a major theme throughout the trade fair, with Swiss exhibitors presenting a broad range of services in biotechnology, the life sciences and laboratory equipment.
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