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Single Cell Congress: Asia

Hits:164   Date: 5/22/2024

11-12 Jul
2024 | Singapore
Co-hosted with

Global Engage is pleased to announce their Single Cell Congress Asia, which will take place in person on the 11th and 12th of July 2024 in Singapore. The conference is co-hosted with the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) and this event is conducted on a hybrid mode.
The conference aims to be a hub for idea exchange, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within the intricate realm of single-cell research. Key themes and topics to be explored include single-cell omics, technological advancements, and emerging frontiers in single-cell epigenomics, and the integration of AI in data analysis, amongst others.

With 200 attendees and over 20 talks and a panel discussion on a unified track spanning two conference days, the event will highlight the latest advancements in the field, discover novel research findings, and delve into how the integration of single-cell technologies is facilitating the exploration of innovative therapeutic strategies. The conference will feature a dynamic exhibition room showcasing technology providers and other solutions, over 7 hours of networking, with the opportunity to connect with prominent leaders in the space.
Invitation to Submit Abstract to Present at the Conference
We have dedicated sessions on the conference program for abstract submission and committee review. To submit your abstract, please click HERE.

Abstract submission does not automatically register you for the event. Please register for the event to secure your seat as attendee.
Registering for the conference will place you in queue to secure your seat, regardless of abstract submission.
Please use the same email address for all materials related to the conference.
Acceptance of abstract for the talk by the scientific committee will promote you to conference speaker.
Deadline for abstract submission is 17th of June 2024.

Conference Synopsis
• Single cell multi-omics

o Challenges and solutions in multi-omics data integration from single cells
o Methods to harmonise and interpret diverse omics datasets at the single-cell level
o Spatially resolved single-cell omics and analysis
• Emerging single cell analysis tools & technologies
o Computational tools – deep learning, machine learning and AI
o Imaging and profiling tools
o Strategies for data integration
• Applications of single cells in translational research
o Utilising single cell analysis in drug discovery and development
o Exploring scalable single cell patterns in pharmaceutical research
o Impact of single-cell analysis on human cell atlas
• Panel Discussion – Exploring Frontiers: Single cell technologies in disease research
o Latest breakthroughs and innovations in single-cell technologies
o Challenges and opportunities in adopting cutting-edge single-cell analysis tools
o Ethical considerations associated with single-cell analysis, especially in human studies
o Case studies and future directions

Note: This congress is FREE for Academics/Government/Non-for-Profit Organisation and Industry categories only. You must register/book to secure your seat. 

Contact us
Tel: +603 2779 0098
Email: saffuan@global-engage.com
Conference website: https://global-engage.com/product/single-cell-congress-asia-2024/