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Icosagen and Lead Discovery Center Announce Collaboration to Discover Novel Monoclonal Antibodies

Hits:126   Date: 5/16/2024

Tartu, Estonia, 15 May 2024  – Life Science Newswire – Icosagen, a CRDMO with expertise in innovative antibody research and production, announces a strategic partnership on selected projects with Lead Discovery Center GmbH (LDC), a translational drug discovery organization tapping on a broad network in academia and industry. This alliance is focused on the discovery of monoclonal antibody portfolios targeting therapeutically relevant proteins, including a pivotal G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR), which are often challenging to address.

Scope of Collaboration

Antibody-based inhibitors have gained relevance in the field of drug discovery due to their exceptional affinity, selectivity and physicochemical properties. Within this collaboration, Icosagen will generate, identify, and discover potent antibodies against innovative and therapeutically relevant targets, supplying them to LDC for further development.

Utilizing its proprietary technology, Icosagen will produce the proteins of interest and enhance their display on the surface of virus-like particles, which serve as vehicles for the production of antibodies with affinity for the targets. Subsequently, an extensive library will be established to facilitate the selection of high-affinity monoclonal antibodies, which will undergo further analysis at LDC through a streamlined process of high-throughput screening. This partnership highlights Icosagen’s capability to scale its proprietary platforms and synergize effectively with LDC’s workflow.

"Partnering with LDC will further help expand the opportunities for antibody therapeutics, especially in the challenging field of GPCR-targeted treatments" said professor Mart Ustav, CEO of Icosagen. "This will not only highlight our technological expertise but also perfectly aligns with our mission to transform scientific discoveries into life-changing treatments."

"We are excited to partner up with Icosagen, a competent and highly experienced player in the field of antibody research" remarked Bert Klebl, CEO and CSO of LDC. "This project will greatly benefit from Icosagen´s expertise and state-of-the-art capabilities as we pursue our shared goal: the development of novel therapeutics that can make a meaningful difference in healthcare."

Future Prospects

LDC takes on promising early-stage projects from academia and transforms them into innovative pharmaceutical leads and antibodies that reach initial proof-of-concept in animals as well as candidate nomination. In close collaboration with high-profile partners from research and industry, LDC is building a strong and growing portfolio of small molecule and antibody leads with exceptional medical and commercial potential.

The partnership between Icosagen and LDC holds promise in advancing targeted therapeutics, with the potential to revolutionize treatment approaches and improve outcomes for patients worldwide. The successful development of these monoclonal antibodies is anticipated to significantly advance the understanding and treatment of diseases.

About Icosagen 
Icosagen is a renowned biotech company, with over 20 years of experience in pioneering antibody research and production. With a strong commitment to innovation, Icosagen has developed a range of proprietary platforms for the efficient discovery, development and manufacturing of high-quality antibodies, serving the global research community and pharmaceutical industry.

About Lead Discovery Center GmbH
Lead Discovery Center GmbH (LDC) was established in 2008 by the technology transfer organization Max Planck Innovation, as a novel approach to capitalize on the potential of excellent basic research for the discovery of new therapies for diseases with high medical need. LDC sustains a long-term partnership with the Max Planck Society and KHAN Technology Transfer Fund I (KHAN-I), and has formed alliances with AstraZeneca, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck KGaA, Daiichi Sankyo, Qurient, invIOs, Novo Nordisk, Cumulus Oncology, Nodus Oncology, JT Pharmaceuticals, KinSea Lead Discovery AS, HLB Life Science R&D, and the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research e.g. In addition, LDC also works with leading translational drug discovery centers and with various investors to provide its assets for company creation.

Contact Information
Mart Ustav , CEO
+372 7377 084

Lead Discovery Center GmbH
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44227 Dortmund, Germany
E-mail: pr@lead-discovery.de
Icosagen Group
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