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Drug Safety Symposium 2024

Hits:461   Date: 12/1/2023
14-15th February 2024|Inn & Suites, Dubai Science Park, Dubai

Conference ​website: https://drugsafetysymposium.com/
What is Pharmacovigilance?
Pharmacovigilance is the science and practice of monitoring, assessing, understanding, and preventing adverse effects or any other drug-related problems associated with the use of pharmaceutical products. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs and medical products throughout their lifecycle, from development and clinical trials to post-market surveillance.

Reasons to Attend
. Critically appraise the founding principles of pharmacovigilance and landmark cases effecting change to recent drug safety issue
. Explain key operational drug safety definitions
. Demonstrate good pharmacovigilance practice and locate key sources of information and documentation
. Critically discuss issues associated with global pharmacovigilance
. Analyse the stages of drug development in terms of drug safety assessment and benefit risk
. Critically explain the strengths and weakness of pharmacovigilance reporting systems
. Identify and predict future challenges in drug safety and pharmacovigilance
. Global QPPVs / Deputies
. QPPV Office managers
. Heads of Pharmacovigilance
. Heads of Pharmacovigilance Technologies
. Drug Safety Managers and Leaders

List of professionals who should consider attending a PV conference, along with their respective departments or designations:

Pharmacovigilance Professionals:
. Pharmacovigilance Officers
. Drug Safety Specialists
. Pharmacovigilance Managers
. Medical Safety Officers
. Regulatory Affairs Specialists (with a focus on PV)
Regulatory Affairs Professionals:
. Regulatory Affairs Managers
. Regulatory Affairs Specialists
. Regulatory Compliance Managers
Quality Assurance and Compliance Teams:
. Quality Assurance Managers
. Compliance Officers
. Auditors
Clinical Research and Development Teams:
. Clinical Research Managers
. Clinical Project Managers
. Clinical Research Associates
Pharmaceutical Executives:
. CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers
. Patient Safety Officers
. Representatives of Patient Advocacy Organizations
Regulatory Authorities Representatives: Officials from health regulatory agencies responsible for drug safety and surveillance
Clinical Trial Managers: 
. Professionals overseeing clinical trials with a focus on safety monitoring
. Independent consultants providing PV expertise
Drug Manufacturing and Quality Control Specialists: Professionals involved in ensuring drug quality and safety during manufacturing

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