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Injecta Summit 2024

Hits:363   Date: 11/5/2023
Co-located with RESCON

June 27-28, 2024 | Barcelona Spain
Conference website: https://injectasummit.com/

About InjectaSummit
Pre-filled Syringes, Injectable Drug Devices & Parenteral Systems
InjectaSummit is the premier event uniting professionals from the pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare sectors in an exploration of the latest advancements in pre-filled syringes, injectable drug devices, and parenteral systems. Our summit is a vital hub for industry experts, decision-makers, and innovators to exchange insights, discuss regulatory compliance, delve into patient-centric design, explore emerging technologies, and address sustainability. It’s where professionals learn, network, and collaborate with leaders in these fields. Join us in beautiful Barcelona on June 27-28, 2024, and be part of the conversation that’s shaping the future of injectable drug delivery.
Why attend InjectaSummit
Innovation in Drug Delivery
Explore the latest innovations in drug delivery, with a focus on pre-filled syringes, injectable drug devices, and parenteral systems. Learn about cutting-edge technologies and advancements that are driving the industry forward.
Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance
Gain insights into the ever-evolving regulatory landscape and best practices for ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards in the development and manufacturing of injectable drug delivery systems.
Networking and Collaboration
Take advantage of extensive networking opportunities to connect with industry leaders, experts, and solution providers. Collaborate on solutions to common business challenges, explore partnership possibilities, and build valuable professional relationships.
Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
Understand the importance of sustainability in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Discover strategies for reducing the environmental footprint of injectable devices and materials, and learn about eco-friendly manufacturing and design practices.
Key Learning Points
1. Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies: Explore the latest advancements in drug delivery, including innovations in pre-filled syringes and injectable devices.
2. Biologics and Cell Therapies: Gain insights into the use of pre-filled syringes for delivering biologics, cell therapies, and gene therapies.
3. Regulatory Compliance in a Changing Landscape: Stay updated on the evolving regulatory requirements for pre-filled syringe manufacturing, including the impact of revised EU GMP Annex 1.
4. Sustainability in Device Design: Learn about incorporating sustainability into the design and manufacturing of injectable drug devices, addressing environmental responsibility.
5. Human Factors Engineering: Understand the importance of human factors studies in device design to enhance usability and patient safety.
6. Combination Product Development: Explore strategies for the development of combination products and navigate the challenges associated with drug-device combinations.
7. Quality Assurance and Safety: Focus on maintaining high standards of quality, safety, compatibility, and stability in parenteral systems.
8. Innovation in Large Volume and Highly Viscous Drug Delivery: Discover advancements in devices designed for large volume and highly viscous drug administration.
9. Digital Health Integration: Explore the integration of digital health technologies in pre-filled syringes and injectable drug devices for enhanced patient-centric solutions.
10. Patient-Centric Design and Secondary Packaging: Delve into the development of patient-centric designs and considerations in secondary packaging for combination products.

Contact us
Diogo Ribeiro
Project Director
Tel: +351 915 239 640
Email: diogo.ribeiro@epmgroup.org