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RESCON Europe 2024

Hits:1054   Date: 11/6/2023
Inhalation & RESpiratory Drug Delivery | CONnected Devices
27-28 June, 2024 | Barcelona Spain

Conference website: https://rescon-europe.com/
RESCON EUROPE highlights innovations in the respiratory sector and connected devices. RESCON EUROPE will feature key case studies on the latest trends in Sustainable Inhalation devices, Inhaled mRNA Therapy, from inhaled insulin to gene therapy to overcome lung and pulmonary conditions, such as COPD, asthma and cystic fibrosis. Further discussion focusses at on-body device design and development for large volume delivery while engaging in the latest digital applications for wearable devices.
The RESCON Summit represents a unique opportunity for learning, exchanging opinions, and expanding one’s network enabled by live presentations followed by dynamic Q&A sessions – providing the attendees with valuable insights from specialists in the sphere of Respiratory & Medical devices.
Smart packaging technologies for respiratory devices
Utilization of mRNA-based therapies for the treatment of respiratory diseases
Sustainable materials and design in inhalation devices
Plastic supplier insights on sustainability
Regulatory considerations for plastic components in respiratory devices
Development of recyclable or reusable packaging solutions for respiratory products
Extractables and leachables assessment in inhalation drug products
Artificial intelligence applications in respiratory care
Combined nasal and pulmonary vaccine delivery
Advancements in dry powder inhalation technology for precise and efficient drug delivery
Alternative pathway for generic respiratory products
Innovations in soft mist inhaler technology for improved lung deposition and patient convenience
Preclinical studies on intranasal medication delivery
Advances in nebulizer technology for respiratory drug delivery
Novel approaches to treating asthma and COPD
Regulatory considerations for inhaled drug products and connected devices.
Development of biodegradable or compostable inhalation devices
Advances in 3D printing technology for personalized and sustainable inhalation devices
Exploration of natural and eco-friendly propellants for aerosol-based inhalation therapies
Use of nanomaterials and nanotechnology for enhanced performance and sustainability in respiratory care
Advances in the design of inhalable molecules for effective treatment of respiratory disorders
Innovations in portable oxygen therapy devices
Liquid foams for high-dose pulmonary therapy
Risk of nebulizer treatment in infection transmission
Aerosol delivery for interstitial lung disease
Inhaled divalent salts for respiratory illness treatment
Microbiota modulation for cough treatment
Analytical tools for inhaled medicines
Challenges and opportunities in developing inhaled biologics
Considerations for regulatory approval and safety assessment of inhalable mRNA and molecule-based therapies
Post-market surveillance data and inhalation product development
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