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Gene & Cell Therapy | Aseptic Processing Technology Summit 2024

Hits:656   Date: 11/6/2023
Gene & Cell Therapy | Aseptic processing Technology Summit 2024 (GENAP Summit 2024)
February 22–23, 2024|Geneva, Switzerland

Conference website: https://genapsummit.com/   
Welcome to the GENAP Summit (Gene & Cell Therapy | Aseptic Processing Summit), where cutting-edge advancements in cell and gene therapies intersect with aseptic processing technologies. This premier event brings together 80+ industry leaders from top pharma and biotechnology companies for two days of knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation.
In the Gene & Cell Therapy (GCT) track, we delve into all phases of cell and gene therapy development and production. Explore the latest breakthroughs in vector improvement, CMC strategy, analytical development, and product quality. Delve into topics such as bioassays, stability, formulation, and the exciting realm of non-viral gene therapies.
Simultaneously, the Aseptic Processing Technology (APT) track provides a comprehensive overview of regulatory updates, implementation strategies, and best practices for ensuring safe and efficient aseptic production. Learn about environmental monitoring systems, facility cleaning and disinfectant qualification, aseptic cleanroom operations, and more.
Join us at the GENAP Summit in Geneva, Switzerland on February 22-23, 2024, and be part of this transformative event. Network with industry experts, gain insights into aseptic processes, contamination control, and the latest developments driving gene and cell therapy innovation. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and stay at the forefront of this rapidly advancing field.
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