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Uniqsis Ltd: 2-channel System for Catalytic Flow Chemistry

Hits:768   Date: 10/11/2023
The FlowLab Column™ from Uniqsis is an affordable flow chemistry system designed specifically for high temperature and pressure catalysis applications.
At the heart of the FlowLab Column™ is a HotCoil heated reactor module fitted with a HotColumn adapter to enable operation up to +260 °C (300 °C as an option).
Developed as a high-performance alternative to conventional stirred batch reactors – the FlowLab Column™ can accommodate six stainless steel columns in individual insulated holders, each capable of operation up to 100 bar (200 bar option). This in-series configuration facilitates easy scale up and high catalytic yields.
FlowLab Column™ continuous flow chemistry system

FlowLab software provides control of the system via a step-through interface that can be learnt in minutes and is highly intuitive to use. Programs can be designed and saved reactions run automatically, including priming and washing. The program is monitored on a real-time display showing temperatures and pressures. FlowLab software also automatically detects any modules that have been added to the system.

For further information on the FlowLab Column™ continuous flow chemistry system please visit https://www.uniqsis.com/paProductsDetail.aspx?ID=FlowLab or contact Uniqsis on +44-845-864-7747/ info@uniqsis.com.
Since 2007, Uniqsis has specialised in the design and supply of mesoscale continuous flow chemistry systems for a wide range of applications in chemical and pharmaceutical research. The company’s aim is to make flow chemistry easily accessible to both novices and experienced users.  
Uniqsis Ltd.