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International Forum on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (BIOTECHFORUM2024)

Hits:1037   Date: 9/8/2023
About The Conference
It is with great pleasure that we welcome all the researchers in the field of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering to the International Forum on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (BIOTECHFORUM2024), which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during July 11-13, 2024.
The aim of BIOTECHFORUM2024 is to be a premier international forum to highlighting the novel developments, to share new ideas, research results, and development experiences and providing networking opportunities with the peers to help establish connections for early career scientists to meet a diverse mix of researchers, decision-makers to strengthen existing connections and forge new ones.
Also, the main agenda of this conference is to bring together world-leading academics, practitioners, industry leaders, policymakers, and business professionals from the field of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering to develop practical solutions for current challenges in these fields. The conference series has featured plenary talks, keynote talks, special sessions, poster presentations, workshops, and contributed papers each year.
We do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to the meeting and share your ideas on a topic of your choice and be a part of this successful conference.

Biotechnology and Genetic engineering
DNA fingerprinting and Genetic fingerprinting
Recombinant DNA Technology
Plant, Animal, Food Biotechnology
Cell biology and Biotechnology
Artificial Intelligence in Biotechnology
Biotech Vaccines
Microbiology and Biotechnology
Biotechnology in Cosmetics
Plant Biotechnology for Crop Improvement
Medical, Environmental, Marine, and Industrial Biotechnology
Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Gold Biotechnology
Uses of Genetic Engineering in Medicine Including Gene Therapy
Application of GM - the Production of Insulin
Thoughts on using GM in the World Production of Food
Crispr and Csir Biotechnology
Biogenetics and Genetic modification
Food and Wine Biotechnology
Biotechnology in Food Industry
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Biotechnology Gene Cloning and Enzyme Biotechnology
Integrated Biotechnology
Cisgenic and Transgenic Genetic Engineering
Genetic Disorders
Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
Medical genetics
Human Gene Therapy
Ex Vivo and In vivo Gene Therapies
Genetic manipulation in Agriculture
Gene Editing

Sarah W
Program Manager
Continuum Forums
Email: biotechnologyforum2023@gmail.com