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BioCon Asia 2023-Advanced Cell&Gene Therapy (ACGT) Conference

Hits:1319   Date: 7/18/2023
BioCon Asia-ACGT 2023 Advanced Cell&Gene Therapy (ACGT) Conference

Event Background
This year 2023 has ushered in an era when many new R&D technologies in the CGT industry are flourishing. It is predicted that the future global CGT market will still maintain a rapid growth trend. To fast track the R&D technologies in the CGT industry and bring you insights to develop your next-generation Cell and Gene therapeutics, Biomap is proud to announce the BioCon Asia – ACGT taking place on the 12th – 13th October 2023.

BioCon is a series of conferences and exhibitions that have grown to become the largest and most established biopharmaceutical meetings of its kind across China and worldwide. As part of the series, BioCon Asia-ACGT is set to bring together prominent leaders and scientists across the world to share innovative discoveries, new case studies, clinical data and business prospect in the CGT industry.
This conference will focus on the most promising development trends in the CGT industry. You will get the chance to hear:
♦ How the UCAR-T products are developed to treat diseases?
♦ How to advance different cell therapies such as CAR-T, TCR-T and In Vivo Cell Therapy to find solutions for solid tumors?
♦ AAV-based vector innovation and optimization
♦ New delivery tool-LNP for gene therapy
♦ The cutting-edge gene editing techniques
We look forward to welcoming you to the event in Singapore this October to create ground-breaking and life-saving cell and gene therapies for patients with unmet medical need.
Why Sponsor?
As a distinguished Sponsor, your organization would enjoy a range of branding, on-site, and engagement benefits. We meticulously manage presentation, exhibition booths, and branding opportunities, ensuring exclusivity for our partners who seek to accomplish their objectives through these channels.
Speaking at BioCon Asia - ACGT 2023 would be an excellent opportunity to showcase your organization's expertise. This conference is one of the most significant events focused on CGT in Asia, attracting key players from the industry across the region. Series of speakers from the Government, Regulatory and Hospital sides will join the talks.
Agenda at a Glance
Cell Therapy
I. Keeping up with the Trends and Key Regulatory Considerations for Cell Therapy
II. Revolutionizing Solid Tumor Therapeutics Through Cell Therapy:
(1)  Applying CAR-T Therapy in the Treatment of Solid Tumors
(2)  Discussing the Prospects and Challenges of TCR-T therapy for Solid Tumors
(3) Opportunities and Innovations: Promising Next-Generation Cell Therapies for Solid Tumors
III. The Future of CAR-T therapy: Taking the Next Step
Gene Therapy
I. Reviewing Updated Guidance and Trends to Assure the Safety and Effectiveness of Gene Therapies
II. Accessing the Realities, Challenges and Opportunities of AAV Gene Therapy:
(1) Optimizing the AAV Vector for Better Efficacy
(2) Applying Technical Innovation of AAV Gene Therapy into Different Indications
III. Opportunities for  Non-viral Gene Therapy for Unmet Medical Needs
IV. Diving into the Cutting-edge Gene Editing Technologies
Part of Confirmed and Invited Speakers
Part of confirmed and invited speakers include:
◈Francesca Lim, Assistant Medical Director, Cell Therapy Facility, Health Science Authority (HSA); Senior Consultant, Dept. of Haematology, Singapore General Hospital; Deputy Head, Principal Lead (Education) & Lead (Blood Cancers), SingHealth Duke-NUS Cell Therapy Centre;  Chief Medical Officer, Advanced Cell Therapy and Research Institute (ACTRIS), Singapore
◈Zaril Harza Zakaria, Senior Principal Assistant Director, Head of Investigational Product Evaluation and Safety Section, the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), Ministry of Health(MoH), Malaysia
◈CHAN Cheng Leng, Group Director, Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore (invited)
◈Head of Biological Science Section, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australian Government, Department of Health and Aged Care, Australia (Invited)
◈Sandy Qlintang, Director of Stem Cell and Cancer Institue, Kalbe;  Reviewer member, Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia
◈Zeng Jieming, Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer, CytoMed Therapeutics Limited, Singapore
◈Su Xinyi, Deputy Executive Director, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), A*STAR, Singapore
◈Ivan D Horak, EVP, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, Tessa Therapeutics Pte. Ltd, Singapore
◈ONG Li-Teng,  Senior Scientist, A*STAR Genome Institute, Singapore
◈Tina WANG, MD, PhD, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Medical Officer, Lion TCR, Singapore
◈Katja Fink, Senior Director, ImmunoScape, Singapore
◈Andy Tan, Senior Lead Scientist and Group Leader, A*STAR Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI), Singapore
◈Shin-ll Kim, Chief Scientific Officer,Therabest Co.,Ltd., South Korea
◈Doctor of Parkway Cancer Center, IHH Healthcare Singapore, Singapore
◈Nicholas Gascoigne, Professor, National University of Singapore
◈Liu Haiyan,Associate Professor, National University of Singapore
◈Xuan Yao, Ph.D., President, China GM, and Co-Founder,  HuidaGene, China (Invited)
◈Xu Yuanyuan, Founder, Chairman, Cure Genetics, China (invited)
◈Guojie Ye, CSO, Exegenesis Bio, China (invited)
◈Tenzin Gocha, President, Carmine Therapeutics, Singapore
◈Dr Leslie Beh, Principal Investigator, Institute of Molecular Cell and Biology, A*STAR, Singapore
◈Jungjoon K. Lee, Director, Head of Research, Toolgen, South Korea
Who should attend?
C-suites, Heads, Presidents from biotech companies
Cell & Gene Therapy R&D Professionals from biotech companies
Cell & Gene Therapy researchers from universities and research institutes
Clinical Platform Developers, Scientists, Physicians and Drug developers
Businesses Development Professions looking for new partnership opportunities
Geographic Breakdown
25% Great China
15% Singapore and SEA
15% Korea
10% Europe
10% USA
10% India
10% Other Area
5% Japan
Contact us
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Tel: +86 133 8153 1665
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