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Profacgen Updated Its Data Analysis Service for Biological Research

Hits:120   Date: 5/22/2023
Profacgen, a protein service provider enabling access to the latest tools, techniques, and expertise for researchers worldwide, recently updated its biological data analysis service, aiming to enable researchers to make meaningful observations and discoveries from a wide array of data from biological, pharmaceutical and clinical domains.
By utilizing a range of experimental and bioinformatics techniques, biologists are intensifying their efforts to understand biological processes. Due to this, there is now an abundance of biological and clinical data that researchers may find difficult to manage without the right data processing and analysis tools, especially if they lack the necessary training or understanding in the areas of programming, statistics, and modeling. Custom data analysis services have therefore grown in significance in the biosciences and can undoubtedly quicken the research cycle.
Now, Profacgen offers complete data analysis services for deriving new scientific insights from various kinds of biological data. The team has developed effective data analysis pipelines and combines programming, mathematics, and statistics to carry out the requested analyses for the particular technological or biological research questions of its customers. The team has also worked with cutting-edge data mining techniques that have been created to address complex data analysis issues where noisy and imperfect data and computationally demanding tasks must be handled.
Currently, Profacgen helps analyze data in the following application areas:
Biomarker identification
For the quick identification and validation of biomarkers, a variety of data types from ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, miRNA sequencing, 4C-Seq, microarray, and mass spectroscopy experiments are used.
Biological modeling
The systematic reconstruction and analysis of biological pathways and networks from observed data using techniques like graph-theoretic approaches is supported scientifically.
Image analysis
With cutting-edge tools and techniques for interactive image segmentation and for deriving quantitative information from optical microscopy and electron microscopy data, Profacgen supports the understanding of biological systems through image-analysis solutions.
Statistical data analysis and programming
In biological research, a variety of statistical techniques are created and used, including testing, regression, clustering, classification, error rates, resampling, quality control, outlier detection, and programming.
Data visualization
Profacgen employs cutting-edge software tools to visualize sequences, alignments, phylogenies, microarrays, macromolecular structures, networks, and a variety of other data.
Structural biology
With the aid of X-ray crystallography, NMR, and EM data, Profacgen's expert team of structural biologists can analyze these high-resolution macromolecular structures (and their complexes) and reconstruct them using models.
“To meet the expanding demands of the market, we will be continuously expanding the range of our services. We create and maintain research data workflows in close cooperation with our clients to promote scientific replication and facilitate the scaling up of challenging data analysis tasks.” Commented Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen.
To know more detailed information about the biological data analysis service provided by Profacgen, please visit https://www.profacgen.com/Biological-Data-Analysis.htm.