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International Conference of Digital Medical Innovation&Application Development

Hits:387   Date: 5/11/2023

Positioning of Hong Kong station: 
Focus on creating a communication and exchange platform of global advanced medical device industry.
Exhibition Introduction:
In order to deeply implement the national major strategic layout, promote the integration, internationalization, and advanced development of Shenzhen-Hong Kong industrial clusters. focus on display the achievements represented by "innovation and advanced" medical devices in the Greater Bay Area and create a communication and exchange platform of global advanced medical device industry. Current exhibition is guided by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, organized by the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission and other organizations, and sponsored by the China Association for Medical Devices Industry. We collaborate with multiple forces to create an international advanced medical device exhibition brand.
Hong Kong is a key node in undertaking the "dual circulation".It is an important bridge to connect the international and mainland. And It is an important window for us to participate the international market and engage in dialogue with the world. Facing the future, The cooperation of Shenzhen-Hong Kong  will continue to create a new brilliance.

Concurrent Forum:
In order to strengthen the cooperation and exchange of advanced medical device industry clusters between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we planned to hold the "International Digital Medical Innovation and Application Development Conference" during the exhibition period (June 21).It is in order to jointly discuss industry hot topics such as medical innovation, enterprise product export, and deepening international cooperation, and accelerate the interconnection of Shenzhen and Hong Kong medical device technology industry.

Market and Opportunity:
Promoting the overseas development of Shenzhen medical device enterprises and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the global leading innovative resources.
Supporting the internationalization development of domestic medical devices and promote their further globalization;
Attracting multinational brands to communicate and exchange ideas in the Greater Bay Area, and carry out investment promotion and cooperation activities.

Audience invitation:
International procurement: Purchasers from multiple Southeast Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc. and Taiwan area based medical agency and distribution agencies in China.
Domestic procurement: professional visitors from circulation systems such ashospitals/clinics/community health service stations/emergency centers/medical care rehabilitation centers/physical examination centers/beauty salons/health centers/traditional Chinese medicine centers/pharmacies, experimental/experimental/testing institutions, research institutions/medical universities, upstream enterprises, product design and research and development, manufacturers/OEMManufacturers, importers and exporters, investment companies, medical and health fields - distributors/agents and other professional audiences of the circulation system.
Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Department of Health, Emergency Management Department, Trade Development Council, Red Cross Society and other relevant government agencies; As well as international purchasers such as embassies (consulates) in China, business associations, trade and investment bureaus and their member units, and multinational corporations.
Invite domestic and foreign high-quality purchasers/groups to the exhibition site for accurate docking; So as to further establish the excellent quality of the Chinese brand image and other multi-win exchange and trading platform.
ExhibitionProduct Categories:
Medical imaging
Radiation ultrasound
Artificial intelligence robot
3D printing medical devices
Medical software
Medical materials
Emergency treatment and rehabilitation
Medical examination
Hospital construction and digital medicine
Transformation of hospital achievements
Medical device manufacturing supply chain

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