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Pronalyse Announces the Launch of Epitope Mapping Service Utilizing HDX-MS Technology

Hits:99   Date: 3/7/2023
Pronalyse is a subdivision of Creative Proteomics, an integrated CRO company with rich experience in providing drug development services. Based on years of experience supporting protein characterization research, Creative Proteomics Pronalyse has launched the epitope mapping service utilizing HDX-MS, allowing linear and conformational epitope characterization with high resolution and the highest success rate.
Epitopes are the basis of protein antigenicity, and the study of protein antigenic epitopes is of great significance for the design of new vaccines, diagnostic reagents, peptides, and therapeutic antibodies with appropriate immunogenicity and neutralizing activity. The Hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS), an emerging technique at the forefront of protein research, can provide information regarding amino acid sequences located on the surface of the protein's spatial structure (including dynamic changes), elucidating possible active sites and protein-protein interaction sites.
Hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX) coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) can be used to analyze the conformation of protein biopharmaceuticals as well as to detect their higher-order structural dynamics and epitope mappings. HDX-MS is a powerful and informative technique and is increasingly used for binding site and chemometric analyses. Meanwhile, it enables the monitoring of changes for therapeutic proteins with higher-order structures and examining protein dynamics and associations with other proteins and biomolecules.
As an analytical tool for protein structure and molecular dynamics, HDX-MS is mainly used to help scientists gain insight into the structural changes of proteins. This technology has a wide range of applications in antigen-antibody mutual recognition research, new vaccine development, drug development, etc. Antigenic epitopes are a very important aspect in the development of new protein formulations, and the discovery of promising epitopes often leads to significant commercial outcomes, crucial for patent protection.
"The epitope mapping service by HDX-MS is superior to other methods because the vast majority of epitopes (estimated at approximately 90%) are considered conformational epitopes composed of non-contiguous sequence elements that cannot be effectively identified in low-resolution analysis. We provide state-of-the-art instruments and services in compliance with the HDX-MS technology to rapidly characterize binding sites. To date, we have successfully identified epitopes of dozens of antigens with hundreds of antibodies," stated Pronalyse's project manager.
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