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NEST Tube is Adopted by WHO, Uganda to Test Ebola Vaccines in Outbreak

Hits:92   Date: 1/12/2023
NEST Tube is adopted by WHO, Uganda in the clinic trial on three candidate Ebola Vaccines, which is launched by the World Health Organization collaborating with the government of Uganda. As is revealed by WHO, the first doses of the three candidates vaccines against the Ebola Virus Sudan are expected to arrive in Uganda in the following week.

Scientists prepare to take a sample from a 3-year-old boy suspected of dying from Ebola in Mubende, Uganda.


NEST Viral Transport Medium (VTM)
According to STAT News, the outbreak in Uganda has been cropping up since early August, and later Uganda declared an outbreak of Sudan ebolavirus on 20 September, which has resulted so far in at least 163 confirmed and probable cases and 77 confirmed and probable deaths. So the start of vaccine trials turns into a critical moment towards the development of an effective tool against the current Ebola outbreak in Uganda.
Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) & Ebola Virus Sudan

The Ebola virus causes an acute, serious illness which is often fatal if untreated. EVD first appeared in 1976 in 2 simultaneous outbreaks, one in what is now Nzara, South Sudan, and the other in Yambuku, DRC. The latter occurred in a village near the Ebola River, from which the disease takes its name.Within the genus Ebolavirus, six species have been identified: Zaire, Bundibugyo, Sudan, Taï Forest, Reston and Bombali. Unlike the Zaire ebolavirus which has sparked most of the recent outbreaks, there are no approved vaccines or therapeutics for the Sudan ebolavirus. 
About NEST
It is a great honor of NEST to serves in the trials of Ebola Vaccines in Uganda, which is a manifestation of NEST global popularity and premium quality. NEST, based in NJ, USA, is a global and cutting-edge lab consumables manufacturer and medical service provider.
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