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Pharma Uzbekistan & Central Asia Congress and Exhibition

Hits:708   Date: 7/28/2022
Established platform for senior executives of companies operating in the pharmaceuticals industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan & Central Asia

16–18 November 2022 | Tashkent
Pharma Uzbekistan & Central Asia Congress and Exhibition is a unique international platform for leaders of the pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan which involves senior executives of investment projects and major pharmaceutical plants, government officials, regulators, technology licensors, developers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, engineering and construction companies, technology and service providers. The event is devoted to discussion of major investment projects on construction of production capacities, to efficiency boosting options of pharmaceuticals production.
Highlights of the programme of the Congress:
. 200+ SENIOR EXECUTIVES OF THE LARGEST PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES will gather together on one site to discuss the thorny issues in the industry!
. ONSITE VISIT to Nika Pharm production site. A tour to workshops and labs, showcase of equipment.
. 20+ REPORTS with unique information from senior executives of key companies in the industry.
. 50+ LARGEST PROJECTS OF INDUSTRY LEADERS. Presentation of the development stages of the largest investment projects in the pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan.
. TRENDS 2022. CONSTRUCTION AND MODERNISATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL PLANTS: state support measures, foreign investments, new and existing projects.  
How does the pharmaceutical industry live in Uzbekistan today?
. DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTION FACILITIES. Introduction of the best practices in construction of new facilities and modernisation of existing ones: the experience of pharmaceutical companies in Uzbekistan, advantages, challenges, and phases.
. CONSTRUCTION. Construction projects for pharmaceutical companies.  What to consider when developing project documentation? What are the steps from design to commissioning?
. TECHNOLOGIES. How to choose the required equipment for a specific production? How to choose and determine the need for auxiliary equipment? How to validate a ready for use facility?
. CASE STUDIES. Case studies on modernising pharmaceutical plants in Uzbekistan. What are the methods of increasing the company efficiency? How to choose the best method for your company?
. DESIGN AND LAYOUT.  How to properly ensure industrial safety at a production site? What are the requirements for fire safety at production and how to meet them?
. CHANGE OF PROFILING: From food supplements to medicines. Experience of other companies in the industry. What are the aspects of registration, standards of manufacturing, storage, and logistics of medicines?
. INVESTMENTS. What are the methods of attracting foreign investors? What is necessary to consider when working with foreign investors?
. EXCLUSIVE EXHIBITION AND TECHNOLOGICAL PRESENTATIONS. Technological presentations, road shows, specialised exhibition of technologies, equipment, and services from world leaders.
. 30+ HOURS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKING! One-on-one meetings, business lunches, coffee breaks, welcome cocktail, and many others.

Please note that a report featuring 50+ flagship investment projects in the industry is ready. Representatives of projects traditionally take part in the event, covering project news and development prospects. Request a list of investment projects by the link.
Keep up-to-date with the latest Congress news on our LinkedIn group by the link.
Organising Committee: Vostock Capital UK
Tel.: +44 207 394 3090 (London)
E-mail: Events@vostockcapital.com
Web: pharmauz.com