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Creative Proteomics Launches Complete Product Portfolio for Lipidomics Research Solutions

Hits:403   Date: 7/19/2021
Lipidomics, a division of Creative Proteomics, is committed to providing untargeted lipidomics services, targeted lipidomics services, metabolic flux analysis services, and lipidomics related services for research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The company continues to accelerate lipidomics research to make contributions in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, population health, food industry, etc. These days, the product manager announced that Creative Proteomics has launched a series of lipidomics services.
Creative Proteomics has extremely rich experience in the field of lipidomics, and it is committed to providing customers with cutting-edge lipidomics services based on mass spectrometry (MS). Lipidomics enables us to study cell metabolism by quantifying changes in individual lipid classes, subclasses, and molecular species that reflect differences in metabolism. As the pathways and networks of lipid metabolism have been extensively studied, any change in lipid quality can reveal changes in the levels, activities, and/or gene expression patterns of several enzymes at the same time.
“As one of the most reliable suppliers of lipidomics services and products in the world, it is important for us to enable existing and potential customers to easily obtain high-quality products and professional services. We strive to provide our customers and partners with the latest products, services, and technical information, and share our knowledge and expertise in the field of product development and innovation.” Said the Marketing manager of Creative Proteomics.
Creative Proteomics offers four kinds of lipidomics services at the new website:
Untargeted Lipidomics Services
Targeted Lipidomics Services
MALDI-Imaging Lipidomics Services
Metabolic Flux Analysis Services
Lipidomics Bioinformation Analysis
The high-quality lipidomics services provided by Creative Proteomics can be applied to various fields, such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, disease research, food and nutrition, agriculture and environmental toxicology.
“Our platform is equipped with advanced instruments, including GC-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, shot-gun, MALDI-MS, etc. With highly specialized technical capabilities and professional knowledge of mass spectrometry personnel, we are fully prepared to cooperate in the rapidly developing field of lipidomics, and at the same time support your research from research design to final report.” Commented the official speaker from Creative Proteomics.
About Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics has gradually grown into an integrated service provider with targeted lipidomics and untargeted lipidomics analysis services for researchers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture, and nutrition industries, as well as academic and government organizations. With a continued focus on quality, Creative Proteomics is proud to meet our worldwide clients' needs.
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