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ISTT The 11th Transgenic Technology (TT) meeting will be held in Guangzhou,China

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International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT)
The 11th Transgenic Technology (TT) meeting
Concentrate on the global latest technology in genetic modification
International technology association debut in Asia
Baiyun International Convention Centre
Guangzhou, P.R.China·
25-27 February, 2013

On behalf of the International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT), and TT2013 organization committee, we are very honored and pleased to invite you to attend the 11th Transgenic Technology (TT) meeting. The ISTT visits Asia for the first time, after previous ISTT-sponsored conferences that were organized in Europe (Barcelona-TT2005, Berlin-TT2010), North America (Toronto-TT2008, Florida-TT2011) and Oceania (Brisbane-TT2007). This will be our 11th meeting, providing us an opportunity to celebrate this unique forum, originally pioneered by Johannes Wilbertz (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden) in 1999.
TT2013, will be held in Guangzhou/ Canton, P.R. China, on February 25-27, 2013, immediately after the Chinese New Year festival, at the Baiyun International Convention Center. The TT2013 meeting is organized by Professor Ming Zhao from Southern Medical University, Guangzhou. Following the meeting, a 3-day workshop about hands-on practical technicals will take place in Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou (February 28 - March 2). Professor Wenhao Xu , director of Gene Targeting and Transgenic Facility, University of Virginia, will give the lectures on piezo injection, laser-assisted application, mouse colony management, etc.
We welcome all attendees who are in the field of generating genetically-modified animals or who perform the experiments to determine the corresponding phenotypes of such transgenic animals. The program would be of interest to scientists, group leaders, postdoctoral researchers, facility managers, technicians and PhD students working directly or indirectly with genetically-modified animals. We invite you to participate and contribute to this conference where we will discuss the latest technology developments, the newest applications and strategies in biology, biomedicine and biotechnology using transgenic animals.
Please click www.tt2013.com for more and detailed information. We have published the meeting program, more 30 invited speakers and ISTT Prize of this year will award to Allan Bradley, Director Emeritus of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI), and leader of the Mouse Genomics Team at WTSI. The deadline for abstract submission is November 15, 2012, and the selected manuscript will be published in Transgenic Research
We are looking forward to seeing you all in Guangzhou!
Yong Jiang, PhD
President of TT2013 Organizing Committee
President of TT2013 Organizing Committee (Yong Jiang, PhD)
Department of Pathophysiology, 
Southern Medical University School of Basic Medical Sciences
Tel:  +86(0)20 66693162   +86 (0) 20 61648393
Fax: +86 (0) 20 61360711
Level A: widest range of participation ($50,000, quota 1)
It is a gathering of the top transgenic experts, technicians and scholars to discuss the development of transgenic technology and experience the commercial opportunities emerging from the latest transgenic technology. The following activities are available for our partners:
    ·   Addressing at relative activities of TT 2013;
    ·   Meeting with guests across the world at the conference;
    ·   Discussing with corporate leaders at the conference;
    ·   Attending the Press Conference and the Summit Reception;
    ·   Taking group photo with distinguished guests at the conference;
    ·   VIP seating at VIP banquet and conference venue.

Level B: an efficient transmission platform ($35,000, quota 2)
At the conference venue, any spaces and facilities will be available to your brand. Our partners will have the following chances:
    ·   Showcasing our partners’ image and brand in display areas around the conference venue. Experiencing the latest technologies, products and applications from related corporations and institutes. Getting the latest information on transgenic technology
    ·   Complimentary registration and staff at the conference
    ·   Designated gift suppliers of the conference
    ·   Video displaying of our partners during the conference
    ·   VIP vehicle for partner leaders
    ·   Branding our partners’ name and brand on information kit, gift kit, guest reception desk, media reception desk and participants reception desk.
Level C: comprehensive media feedback ($16,000, quota 2)
In order to expand the influence of this conference, we have broad cooperation spaces in media feedback. The following will be provided for our partners:
    ·   Arranging exclusive interview by mainstream medias for partners’ leaders;
    ·   Ranking partners’ name and brand accordingly in the publicity of the conference;
    ·   Providing full-color layouts of the conference proceeding for partners’ promotion of corporate image
    ·   Including partners’ promotion in the conference manual; acknowledging our partners in the acknowledgment;
    ·   Adding website links of our partners in conference website;
    ·   Recommending reporters to this conference.
Minimum Sponsorship 1000 US$
This will entitle you to have your logo and link included in the meeting web site, the
name of your company listed in the Meeting Program Booklet and on screen between the sessions. You will also be able to provide limited brochure information and/or gadgets of your choice for delegate’s bags.
Exhibition Space
Raw space
 Zone A
 $ 400 / square meters
Standard booth
3×3 = 9 m2
 Zone B
  $ 3000 / per one
 Zone C
  $ 3000 / per one
Booth fee:
·Corner booth surcharges 30% per booth.
·Allocation of booths will be in a first come, first served  
·The right to adjust the location of booth shall be reserved
 by the conference.
Standard booth facilities:
one desk, two chairs, two spotlights, board, one 220V electrical outlet, one basket for waste paper, WiFi internet access.
The above fee does not include:
·Construction cost of raw space
·Rental for inventory area
If you would like to exhibit at the TT2013 meeting, a booth display sponsorship can be purchased. Please note that the number of available tables is limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first served basis. Table display sponsorship includes all benefits of minimum sponsorship level plus the associated booth size and location will vary according to the level purchased. Companies purchasing one booth display
sponsorship will have one free registration to the conference. Colleagues assisting on the stand must register separately as exhibitor personnel. This will not allow entry to the scientific sessions as a full registration must be purchased for this. Other services such as on-stand catering can be provided at a cost and more details are available from the Conference Organizers.
In the conference room, companies can purchase poster display for advertising relevant products, as 1000 US$ per standard poster size (1 × 1.5 m).
Advertising opportunities will be available in the Meeting Program Booklet which will be given to every delegate who attends the conference. 
Inside Cover Page: 4000 US$
Outside Back Page: 4000 US$
Half Outside Back Page: 2000 US$
Inside Back Page: 3000 US$ 
Half Inside Back Page: 1500 US$
Internal One Page: 2000 US$  
Internal Half Page: 1000 US$ 
E-Mail the Delegates 500 US$
You will be given the opportunity to send one piece of promotional material directly to the delegates who are attending the conference via email. The advert (in an e-mail friendly format) should be sent to the Conference Organizers, who will arrange for information to be sent to all the delegates who have signed up for the event.
Delegate Bags
You can either supply the bags (with the organizer’s approval) or we can source them for you and your organization will pay for them. Your logo (one color) will be carried alongside the meeting logo. Costs are dependent on the number of delegates attending and number of logos to be printed, you will be charged exact cost only.
You can also sponsor one speaker for 2000 US$ or an entire session for 4000 US$. Companies willing to sponsor a speaker/session will have their name clearly displayed during the speaker’s presentation/session and their specific contribution will be acknowledged in the program booklet.
Social Program $TBC
Support of all parts of the evening social program is sought. Options include: Pre Congress Dinner, Poster Viewing Session and Conference Dinner Full details of costs can be obtained from the Conference Organizers.
Delegate Refreshments
There will be a limited number of opportunities for organizations to sponsor tea/coffee breaks and lunches each day at the conference. This will be a key advertising opportunity for organizations whose products/services are associated with topics being covered in the scientific program. Your company logo will appear against the appropriate slot in the program. Full details of costs can be obtained from the Conference Organizers.
Tea/Coffee and Lunches
Full details of costs can be obtained from the Conference Organizers.
Conference Banquet sponsors: $16,000, quota: 2   
There will be a limited number of opportunities (quota 2) for organizations to sponsor the conference banquet. Your company logo and advertising poster will appear in the banquet room.
Designated goods suppliers: $16,000 (gifts or drinks), quota: 2
There will be a limited number of opportunities (quota 2) for organizations to sponsor the conference gifts and drinks. Your company logo will appear on gifts and advertising of the drinks will appear in the banquet room.
Undesignated Sponsorship Contributions
Contributions will be welcomed from companies who would like to sponsor the conference but not be associated with any one particular aspect.
As the sponsorship opportunities are normally taken up far in advance of the conference we recommend that you contact the Organizers (In Conference) as quickly as possible.
Sponsorship Agreement and Payment  
Sponsorship agreement will be signed between the sponsor and the organizer, Guangzhou Oriental International Travel Agency Co., LTD. Sponsor feedbacks will be subject to the agreement signed by both parties. 3 days after the agreement, the sponsor will pay 50% of all the sponsorship amount as cash deposit. The other 50% will be remitted to the designated bank account before 2012-10-30.
Exhibition procedures:
   ·  Please fill in the application form and fax or mail it to the organizer.
   ·  Participant shall remit all the fees to the designated bank account after application, and keep the bank remittance.
   ·  Booth application form received without bank remittance will not be processed.
   ·  All the booth applications will be in a first come, first served basis. Booth sequence shall be subject to the date of payment. Larger booths and sponsors
will have priority.
Bank Account Information:  
Account Number: 7444110182600034862
Contact information:
TEL: +086-020-66693161
Address:Department of Pathophysiology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, 13th floor    
Life Science Building, Southern Medical University
1838 # Guangzhou north road,510282
Fax: +086-020-61360711
E-mail: tt2013administrate@163.com
Director: Xianyan Liu