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Beijing Transcend Vivoscope Bio-Technology Co., LTD

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Room 508, 5th Floor, Building 1, No. 13, Cuihu Nanhuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, PRC | 100094
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Beijing Transcend Vivoscope Bio-Technology Co., LTD
Transcend Vivoscope, established in 2016, aims at developing world-leading biomedical imaging equipment based on self-owned core technologies.

Our chief products, miniature two-photon microscope(FIRM-TPM), involves the cutting-adge imaging techniques, together with the independently devoloped technology, allowing clear and stable visualiazation of single neurons or synapses in freely behaving animals. It creats a new research paradigm for brain sciences. Nowadays, FIRM-TPM has been extensively using in different aspects of neuroscience research. With our team of passionate experts, Transcend Vivoscope is working on some of the challenging problems in life science research and histologic diagnosis .

Our expertise in two-photon microscope R&D and production lead to the development of optoelectronic products and microscope related parts. Besides, we provide a range of contract services for biochemical research communities and high-end microscopy manufactures to . All the products and services carry our commitment to excellence, which assist researchers in making progress in their project.
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