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Wangcheng po Changsha Hunan | 410205
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Hunan appearance centrifugal separator instrument, Saite XiangYi of Hunan, Co., Ltd. in original Hunan instrument and apparatus general factory (abbreviate Hunan appearance general factory as, shareholding system limited company set up after being laid off and merge wholly, technology, production, sell of company,etc. administrative staff and other staff to make up by original Hunan appearance centrifugal separator technical backbone, professional skilled worker, selling elite of factory. The company set up so far, had ~ed research and develop and produced high speed frozen centrifugal separator GL-22M of first supreme rotational speed of China, have received unanimous favorable comment of domestic and international users.

The company produces five major series of laboratory instruments, such as frozen centrifugal separator of high speed, large capacity frozen centrifugal separator, high-speed centrifugal separator, the centrifugal separator of low-speed , thermostatical oscillator,etc.. With the fast expansion of companys business and constant enlargement of market demand, the company invested nearly ten million yuan in Pudong Development Zone of Shanghai and set up and incorporates scientific research, making, marketing into an organic whole, specialized base producing centrifugal separator and laboratory instrument --Lu Hunan appearance centrifugal separator instrument Co., Ltd. in Shanghai.

" practical, innovate, respecting work, refinement " is the working criterion of our company, quality policy on we insist on all the time " quality first, the highest prestige have ", a good one before selling, in selling, after-sale service gain the masses of favorable comment and praise of user.

" consumers first " is a loyal service aim of Saites Hunan appearance , " innovating, face the future constantly " is the goal that the company pursues , we try ones best, offer high-quality products and service to users, and wish to establish the extensive technological cooperation of economy with domestic and international enterprises, promote the development of centrifugal separator and laboratory instrument together, enterprising spirit and the masses of support of user of " practical innovating, respect work, refinement " lead us move towards bright future! There are your participation and cooperation, Saites Hunan appearance will have more beautiful tomorrow !
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