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Lonza Group Ltd.

Switzerland, Manufacturer, Hits: 3798, Updated:4/29/2015
Muenchensteinerstrasse 38,CH-4002 Basel |
Company Profile
As a worldwide leader supplying the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with biopharmaceuticals, Lonza furnishes different markets with state-of-the-art products, services, and research. Our customers range from professionals within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and government research industries to manufacturers of consumer and health products, distributors, formulators, and service companies.

Lonza’s Market Offerings:

BioResearch: A leader in groundbreaking research and quality control laboratory testing systems that include tools for endotoxin detection and for the discovery of therapeutics.

Pharma & Biotech: An established supplier to the pharmaceutical industry with global manufacturing and development expertise, advanced technologies and high-quality products.

Consumer Care: A global market leader that draws on science to promote health, wellness, beauty and protection in the areas of Personal Care, Hygiene and Nutrition

Water Treatment: One of the leading suppliers of treatment chemicals, sanitizer feeder systems and other services to the global residential, industrial, commercial and municipial water treatment markets.

Wood Protection: A leading name in industrial pretreatment and surface protection of wood, with the world’s broadest portfolio of wood-protecting chemistries and wood-preservation technologies.

Agro Ingredients: A trusted supplier for the world’s largest agricultural companies with a wide range of offerings, such as custom manufacturing of active ingredients and agrochemical intermediates.

Industrial Solutions: A diverse supplier with a broad chemical portfolio and a common goal of helping to conserve energy and supply cost-effective, sustainable solutions to the Oil & Gas, Paints & Coatings, Electronics, Aerospace and Building Products markets.