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Shanghai city lights Fai Road 1129, block 4 |
Company Profile
ATS Industrial Co. Ltd is a professional high pressure homogenizer (high pressure cell crusher) supplier, Switzerland Jetpharma superfine jet mill and other micro processing equipment! Especially high pressure cell crusher is widely used in biological industry!
Broken pure machinery, in the cooler system, large flow efficiently broken. Is the biotechnology industry of essential production tool!
ATS is a professional high pressure homogenizer suppliers and service providers;
ATS Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 in BVI, Canada SEEKER industrial company pharmaceutical equipment suppliers;
In 2000 to open an office in Shanghai, has been committed to the introduction of advanced homogeneous, crushing, emulsion preparation equipment;
In 2001 ATS Chinese sales in the first high pressure homogenizer;
2004 is the first one liposome production line to provide high pressure homogenizer;
In 2006 ATS introduced the homogenizing machine design and technology the most advanced in Europe; the parts of Europe's premier, Shanghai in the development of AH100 series high pressure homogenizer, obtained the customer's wide acclaim!
In 2006 December established a technical support center in Shanghai.
Also in 2007 the introduction of the high-pressure homogenization machine series products in AH-PLIOT, at the same time for drug class customers, special requirements and bio pharmaceutical customers, develop high pressure homogenizer specifically with the corresponding!
Over the years, ATS bearing support and trust of the users; has the firm for the Chinese customers to develop new formulations of the direction of the device, we bear in mind that quality is the life of enterprise, innovation is the pillar; will reward customers with excellent quality and perfect after sale service!
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