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Shanghai Outdo Biotech Co., Ltd.

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No151, Libing Rd, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong Shanghai | 201203
Company Profile
Shanghai Outdo Biotech Co.Ltd. (Outdo Biotech) is a leading company in human/animal Tissue Microarrays (TMA) and “Clinical-Type” Gene Chip (CTGC) in China. Our shareholders are Shanghai Biochip Co., Ltd. & National Engineering Center for Biochip at Shanghai, Shanghai Cancer Institute and Eastern Liver and Bladder Hospital of Second Military Medical University.

TMA is a mean of combining tens to hundreds of specimens of tissue, paraffin embedded or frozen, onto a single slide for analysis at once. Our construction of TMAs is flexible and helps meet the needs of our customers. A TMA slide is processed like an ordinary tissue section, and then used for histochemical, immuno-histochemical staining, in-situ hybridization and FISH. Combined with highly automated image analysis system, TMA is a high-throughput molecular profiling tool for parallel analysis of biological and molecular characteristics for specimens of pathological tissues. TMA technology also provides a platform for the efficient locating and evaluating of protein, RNA, DNA molecules in various tissues and is particularly useful for functional genomic studies.

TMA is commonly used to confirm the results of expression Microarrays as well as in the development of diagnostic and prognostics markers for clinical applications. TMA makes use of vast amount of archived paraffin embedded tissue and makes them accessible for medical and academic research. TMA is playing an ever increasing role in translational medicine, bridging the gap of discovery at the research bench to clinical utility implementation in patient care.

Our company now has three sets of newly developed high throughput tissue microarray products available such as Cat100, Cat.200 and Cat.500, including liver carcinoma, gastric carcinoma, lung carcinoma, esophagus carcinoma, kidney carcinoma, breast carcinoma, pancreas carcinoma and so on.We can design tissue microarrays according to the needs of customers with the tissue specimens provided by our tissue bank or the customers.

We also has developed two CTGC products including HBV YMDD Mutation Detection Gene Array Kit for detection of patients with Lamivudine resistance and Interleukin-1B Mutation Detection Gene Array Kit for detection of hosts with H. pylori infection susceptibility to gastric cancer.

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