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Titian Software to Preview Latest Version of its Leading Sample Management Software, Mosaic, at BioIT World

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Mosaic 6.0 enhances the management of compounds, biologicals and reagents

LONDON, UK (15 April 2014): Titian Software (www.titian.co.uk) has announced that it will preview Mosaic 6.0, the latest and most advanced version of its established sample management software, at BioIT World in Boston, MA (29 April 鈥 1 May 2014), booth #353. Scheduled for launch in Summer 2014, Mosaic 6.0 has been developed progressively over the last 12 years in response to the evermore sophisticated requirements in the management of compounds, biologicals, reagents and standards.

Mosaic supports sample supply workflows in all sizes of life science organisations in industry and academia, from multi-continent, enterprise-wide installations, to those in a single lab. The key to this flexibility is the scalable and modular software infrastructure, providing a comprehensive solution to sample management, and satisfying the need to improve throughput while maintaining sample integrity and inventory accuracy.

Offering seamless integration with 3rd party IT infrastructure, Mosaic modules are available for: inventory tracking, ordering, sample processing - including integration with existing laboratory automation - and shipment of samples off-site. As part of the new functionality offered by Mosaic 6.0, users will benefit from improved interfaces for inventory management, enabling convenient and quick inventory search functions, even across multiple sites. New Ordering pages featuring standard templates will also be available, streamlining and coordinating order placement across several locations.

鈥淲e鈥檝e developed Mosaic continuously and as a modular suite to ensure that functions can evolve in-line with the changing demands on a sample management set-up鈥, said Edmund Wilson, Titian鈥檚 CEO. 鈥淲ith Mosaic 6.0 we have notably expanded our multisite capabilities, providing users with more intuitive and accessible functions to manage samples effectively across distinct sites. We look forward to continuing to work with our customers to ensure that Mosaic always offers the best solution for any sample management application in pharma and biopharma, agroscience, research hospitals and biobanking鈥.

For a preview of Mosaic 6.0, visit Titian鈥檚 booth #353 at BioIT World. For more information on Mosaic, and how its functionality can be matched to your workflow requirements, visit www.titian.co.uk

Established in 1999, Titian supplies software products and consultancy services that help clients to improve the management of samples (compounds, reagents and biological samples) for their vital research processes. Titian鈥檚 Mosaic sample management software is trusted globally to provide increased sample quality, service levels, and sample conservation while reducing overall operating cost and time.

Mosaic 鈥 modular sample management software
Mosaic is Titian Software鈥檚 comprehensive, modular software product to control and monitor all aspects of sample storage and preparation. These include sample inventory tracking and ordering, workflow management, control of third party robotic equipment such as automated stores and liquid handlers, and integration with existing IT systems. From small biotech to global pharma, Mosaic helps to provide a seamless, error-free sample supply chain.

Consultancy Services
Titian provides strategic and technical consultancy to help life science research organisations optimize their sample management processes. Building on over 10 years of experience and extensive knowledge of industry best practice, Titian offers consultancy services including user requirements capture, process mapping and re-engineering, and software system implementation.

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