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Link鈥檚 New Modifier for Improved Oligo Delivery

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BELLSHILL, SCOTLAND, 26 March 2014: Link Technologies Ltd (www.linktech.co.uk), an ISO 9001:2008 certified specialist oligonucleotide reagent manufacturer, has expanded its range of lipophilic modifiers for the effective delivery of oligonucleotides into cells. As oligos continue to be of interest in drug discovery, offering exciting potential as therapeutic agents, there is an increasing demand for improved oligo delivery techniques. Link鈥檚 proven collection of lipophilic oligo modification reagents, which include cholesterol and tocopherol modifiers, now also includes 5鈥-Palmitate-C6-CE Phosphoramidite. As a derivative of palmitic acid, a physiologically common fatty acid, the new palmitate modifier is the first palmitate phosphoramidite available commercially, and provides scientists with an ideal approach to improve the cellular uptake and utilisation of oligos.

In the cell, palmitic acid is known to conjugate to proteins via cysteine residues and, in doing so, is believed to aid the movement of proteins between intracellular compartments. It is also known that improved cell delivery is achieved when an oligonucleotide is modified with palmitic acid, and that modification at the 5鈥-end results in more efficient uptake than modification at the 3鈥-end. However, until now, modification of the 5鈥-end of the oligo with palmitic acid has proved inefficient. For this reason, Link has developed 5鈥-Palmitate-C6-CE Phosphoramidite, the first of its palmitic acid derived phosphoramidites, as a dedicated delivery reagent. When incorporated during oligo synthesis, the use of this novel palmitate modifier can result in more efficient uptake of the oligonucleotide by the cell, offering important value particularly for therapeutic applications.

Commenting on the new addition to Link鈥檚 breakthrough range of lipophilic modifiers, Catherine McKeen, Head of Technology Commercialisation, explained: 鈥淟abelling oligos with hydrophobic compounds has proved a successful technique for enhancing cell delivery. We are continuing to develop our range of reagents for use in this field so that we can always offer our customers the most effective methods for oligo delivery. Palmitate, due to its proven ability to improve oligonucleotide delivery, is a natural choice for addition to our delivery agent portfolio.鈥

Available from small milligramme quantities to larger bulk scale, 5鈥-Palmitate-C6-CE Phosphoramidite can be ordered online from the Link website www.linktech.co.uk. Scientists can also access protocol information online, detailing the use of 5鈥-Palmitate in oligonucleotide synthesis, for confident incorporation and application of this lipophilic modifier.

For more information please visit the Link Technologies website at www.linktech.co.uk or follow us on Twitter: @linktechdna.


About Link Technologies Ltd

Link Technologies Ltd is a leading kilo-scale supplier of speciality reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis and modification, all to ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. The company鈥檚 main markets are university and commercial research departments, plus, increasingly, larger Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) in the biotech sector.

Link has also forged successful links to academia working closely with many UK universities. In tandem with internal research and development, the Company has an excellent record in bringing in-licence products to market with various worldwide commercial partners.

For further information see: www.linktech.co.uk.

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