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Medix Biochemica launches MedixMAB by Design™ at AACC 2013

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Highest quality recombinant antibody production service to ensure superior IVD tests

Kauniainen, Finland 鈥 29 July 2013. Medix Biochemica, producer of monoclonal antibodies for the global IVD industry and diagnostic rapid tests, announces the launch of its MedixMAB by Design™ antibody production service, at the annual AACC meeting in Houston, USA, 28 July 鈥 1 August, 2013 (Booth 3606). Offering a completely customised service for the in vitro generation of high-performance monoclonal recombinant antibodies and Fab fragments, MedixMAB by Design presents an excellent foundation for superior IVD assays. With antibodies produced to the strictest international quality standards, the new service equips IVD manufacturers with a competitive advantage, helping to increase sales revenue without the need to invest in costly production facilities and expertise.

Medix Biochemica launches MedixMAB by Design™ at AACC 2013

The advanced production technology of the MedixMAB by Design service allows for the targeting of a broader range of antigens than possible in vivo, including poorly immunoreactive and toxic compounds, and recombinant MAB production is possible on a range of scales (mg-kg). As an alternative to producing full length MABs, Fab fragments can instead be generated in just three months, to greatly enhance specificity and sensitivity of an IVD assay in solid-phase applications. In addition to producing novel antibodies, existing antibodies can also be optimised, for example by humanisation, biotinylation or affinity maturation, for enhanced IVD test performance. Flexibility is an inherent feature of the MedixMAB by Design service, and a personal project manager provides full consultation and support throughout the process, tailoring the service to each individual need.

With the MedixMAB by Design service, high affinity recombinant antibodies exhibiting low cross-reactivity are produced using an advanced in vitro system, which incorporates the latest in cutting-edge phage display antibody production technology. To ensure the highest quality, the entire process is comprehensively regulated and documented, adhering to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and FDA QSR quality standards. Furthermore, the in vitro production system yields a consistent level of quality between batches.

Product manager for MedixMAB by Design, Maija Partanen, commented: 鈥淲ith 30 years of experience in antibody production technology, Medix Biochemica provides the IVD industry with outstanding diagnostic performance. Our fast and flexible, quality-assured MedixMAB by Design service enables IVD manufacturers to offer the next generation of IVD assay, with superior sensitivity and specificity, at minimal cost.鈥

For more information, visit us online and see our new video, http://bit.ly/1bkWPIR. Delegates of AACC can also visit the Medix Biochemica booth #3606.


About Medix Biochemica
Medix Biochemica is a Finnish biotechnology company that develops, produces and markets monoclonal antibodies for IVD industry and diagnostic rapid tests for human healthcare worldwide. The company offers a flexible production scale, consistent quality from batch to batch and competitive pricing, with an efficient global delivery service. The business encompasses four main activities:

路 MedixMAB monoclonal antibodies for IVD applications - industrial scale manufacturing
路 MedixMAB Manufacturing - contract manufacturing service
路 MedixMAB by Design - customised recombinant antibodies
路 Actim rapid tests for human healthcare - particularly for women鈥檚 health
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