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The 1st Canton Nucleic Acids Forum (CNAF), Sep 11-13, 2013, Canton, China

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The 1st Canton Nucleic Acids Forum (CNAF)
(First Run Announcement)
September 11-13, 2013  Canton, China
Brief Description
During the past decade, nucleic acids science through introduction of vast new classes of non-coding RNAs brought renewed interest and excitement towards the breadth of nucleic acids function in cells and their applications for diagnostics and therapeutics. The CNAF is a series of recurring seminars with the initial goal of exposing scientists in China to the latest developments and advances in nucleic acids research, with particular view of translating the new knowledge into practical applications.
Mission Statement
Key Subject
The Canton Nucleic Acids Forum will highlight recent advances in the areas of nucleic acids including DNA and RNA biology, new concepts and technologies (NGS, bioinformatics, diagnostics, synthetic biology, RNA-guided genome editing, and others), non-coding RNA (miRNA, piRNA, lncRNA, etc.), nucleic acids therapeutics (antisense, RNAi, aptamer, miRNA etc.), RNA structure and functions (ribozyme, chromatin dynamics, RNA editing, DNA replication, RNA processing and export, genomic integrity, and post-transcriptional regulation etc.).
General Considerations
Guangzhou (aka Canton) is China's third largest city and its southern gateway to the world through a famous port. The city has more than two thousand years of history and, at a time, was one of the Maritime Silk Road鈥檚 entry points. Guangzhou is also a home for some of the country鈥檚 finest scientific establishments, which, together with the city鈥檚 extraordinary geopolitical location and environment, makes it perfectly positioned to host major international scientific events. Nucleic acids are fascinating biological molecules playing fundamental and versatile informational, structural and catalytic roles in every living cell. The aspiration for this Forum is the potentials to translate basic scientific knowledge about nucleic acids into practical applications.
Dr. Thomas Cech
Professor, Howard Hughes Medical School Investigator, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1989, Member of National Academy of Sciences
Dr. Craig Mello
Professor, Howard Hughes Medical School Investigator, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2006, Member of National Academy of Sciences
Dr. Gregory Hannon
Professor, Howard Hughes Medical School Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA
Member of National Academy of Sciences
Professor, Associate Chair, Stanford School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Judy Lieberman
Professor, Senior Investigator at Immune Disease Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA
Dr. David Lilley
Professor, Director CRUK Nucleic Acids Structure Research Group, University of Dundee, UK
Fellow of the Royal Society
Dr. Laura Sepp-Lorenzino
Executive Director, RNA Therapeutics, Merck, USA
Dr. Robert Singer
Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA
Member of National Academy of Sciences
Note: selection and invitation of Directors for the Scientific Council is still in progress鈥
Executive Directors
Dr. Biliang Zhang
Professor, Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Dr. Lianghu Qu
Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Dr. Dmitry Samarsky
Executive Vice President, RiboBio, China
Guangzhou (Canton) Municipality Experts Bureau
Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guangzhou RiboBio Co., Ltd
The 1st Session: NGS, Bioinformatics & ncRNA
International speakers:
  Dr. Craig Mello, University of Massachusetts Medical School 鈥 keynote (piRNA and NGS)   Dr. Carlo M. Croce, Ohio State University (miRNA and oncogenes)
  Dr. Wei Li, Baylor College of Medicine (bioinformatics)   Dr. Brian J. Haas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Broad Institute (NGS, bioinformatics and lncRNA)
  Dr. Michael McManus, University of California, San Francisco (NGS, lincRNA and riboswitches)   Dr. Pavan Kumar, Eisai Research Institute (miRNA, NGS and bioinformatics)
Domestic speakers:
6-8 famous scientist in NGS, Bioinformatics & ncRNA inviting鈥︹︹︹︹︹︹
The 2nd Session: Nucleic Acids Therapy (spring, 2014)
The 3rd Session: RNA Structure, Function & Applications (fall, 2014)
The 4th Session: Nucleic Acids in Diagnostics (spring, 2015)
The 5st Session: NGS, Bioinformatics & ncRNA (fall, 2015)
The 6nd Session: Nucleic Acids Therapy (spring, 2016)
September, 11, 2013, Register;
September, 12-13, 2013, Conference Report.
Registration Fee
On-Site Registration Fee
In-Advance Registration Fee ( up to August 31,2013)
Business Community
1: Registration fee includes: admission to the plenary lecture and exhibition; forum publications; meals (Sep.12-13: lunch, supper and tea break). Students are required to provide student cards with photos for registration. For hotel reservation please contact us.
2: Registration is considered successful when the registration fee is received, and the Organizing Committee will send the confirmation letter within five working days after receiving the fee. Please keep the confirmation letter properly and present it when conducting related participation procedures on site. Invoices of registration fee are available at the registration desk.
3: Please understand that for those who register on site, accommodation cannot be guaranteed. Registration fee cannot be refunded if one is not able to attend the conference after registration.
4: A night cruise on the Pearl River is arranged on Sep.13th, and those who want to participate in this event please inform the Organizing Committee when registering.
Conference Site
Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe, Guangzhou, 510500, China
Traffic Guide
Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe is located in the heart of the central business district, and is about 35 kilometers from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 10 kilometers from Guangzhou Railway Station, 10 kilometers
from Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and 0.5 kilometers from Guangzhou East Railway Station.
1.     Baiyun International Airport to Hilton
Go eastward for 10 meters and reach Airport South Station. Take subway Line 3 of Beiyan Section (toward Tiyu Xilu Station) and get off at Linhexi Station (Exit A). Go along Linhe Xi Road for about 480 meters and then turn left to Linhe Xi Heng Road. Go along this road for 270 meters and turn right to walk another 90 meters before reaching the destination.
2.        Guangzhou Railway Station to Hilton
Take subway Line 5 (toward Wenchong Station) and get off at Yangji Station. Take Line 1 (toward Guangzhou East Railway Station) and get off at Tiyu Xilu Station. Take Line 3 of Beiyan Section (toward  Airport South Station) and get off at Linhexi Station (Exit A). Go along Linhe Xi Road to reach the destination.
3.     Guangzhou East Railway Station to Hilton
Hilton has shuttle between the hotel and East Railway Station. For shuttle bus reservation, please call the Hotel Concierge: 020 6683 9999-3808; or send an email: cita.lu@hilton.com. Please make reservation at least 30 minutes in advance.
4.     Guangzhou South Railway Station to Hilton
Take subway Line 2 (toward Jiahewanggang Station) and get off at Changgang Station. Take Line 8 (toward Wanshengwei Station) and get off at Kecun Station. Take Line 3 (toward Tianhe Coach Terminal Station) and get off at Tiyu Xilu Station. Take Line 3 of Beiyan Section (toward Airport South Station) and get off at  Linhexi Station (Exit A). Go along Linhe Xi Road to reach the destination.
Accommodation & Tour
The Accommodation & Tour Group of the Organizing Committee is responsible for arranging accommodation and tour for delegates. For any problems or needs please call the Accommodation & Tour Group. The Organizing Committee arranges a night cruise on the Pearl River. Delegates who want to participate in this event please register and confirm at the Accommodation & Tour Group and pay the fee. Any problems during the conference please contact the Accommodation & Tour Group.
Contact Us

Stella Guan (Registration)
Tel: +86 20-32290075 Ext: 656
Clion Nieh (Sponsorship)
Tel: +86 20-32290075 Ext: 689
Scarlett Zeng(Accommodation & Tour)
Tel: +86 20-32290075 Ext: 660

Fax: 020-32290137
Address: 13F, Innovation Bldg C3, 182 Kexue Ave, Science Park, Guangzhou, China
Postal Code: 510663
Account for registration and sponsorship fees:
Account Name: RIBOBIO CO, LTD
Bank: Guangzhou Science Park Branch, Bank of China
Account Number: 6327 5775 3087
Remark: Please note 鈥淐anton Nucleic Acids Forum鈥 when remitting. (Please call to confirm before remittance; after the remittance please fax us the receipt for security and timely confirmation)
Organization Committee
Canton Nucleic Acids Forum
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