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Link Technologies鈥 new Product Guide is the 鈥榞o-to鈥 resource for oligo chemistry

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Shining the Light on Oligonucleotide Labelling

BELLSHILL, SCOTLAND, 22 July 2013: Link Technologies Ltd, a specialist oligonucleotide reagent manufacturer, has used its 25 years of industry experience to produce the 2013/14 Product Guide, providing scientists with a wealth of application-orientated content for oligonucleotide chemistry. For easy navigation, the guide is broken into key topics and processes, including Oligonucleotide Labelling Strategies, and each section is supported by application notes and protocols, for easy product-to-practice transition. Request your free copy of Link Technologies鈥 Product Guide or download the PDF version at www.linktech.co.uk.

Effective oligo labelling is fundamental to many of the biological, diagnostic and forensic applications of oligonucleotides, for example probing protein conformational changes, Q-PCR techniques, e.g. those used in companion diagnostics, and for DNA sequencing. Without labelling the oligos such techniques would be impossible. However, there are numerous oligo labelling strategies, ranging from fluorescent dyes to electrochemical species and affinity labels such as biotin. Link Technologies鈥 Product Guide provides a clear and concise resource for scientists looking to identify the most suitable labelling approach for their specific application and, with the associated application notes and tested protocols, the Guide enables users to verify their product choices with the utmost confidence.

Link Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer of oligonucleotide reagents, and the new Product Guide covers an expanded range of DNA, RNA and PNA reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis and modification. Alongside background information, protocols and summary data sheets, this invaluable resource is comprehensively referenced, to provide all bench scientists with a one-stop guide to oligonucleotide biochemistry.

To download the Link Technologies鈥 2013/14 Product Guide please visit the company website at www.linktech.co.uk

About Link Technologies Ltd
Link Technologies Ltd is a leading kilo-scale supplier of speciality reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis and modification, all to the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. The company鈥檚 main markets are university and commercial research departments, plus, increasingly, larger Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) in the biotech sector.

Link has also forged successful links to academia working closely with many UK universities. In tandem with internal research and development, the Company has an excellent record in bringing in-licence products to market with various worldwide commercial partners.

For further information see: www.linktech.co.uk.

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