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Standardized material testing ensures increased process safety

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BINDER environmental simulation chambers of the MK, MKF, MKT and MKFT series are introduced

Standardized material testing


Environmental simulation chambers are important components in industrial production. The BINDER environmental simulation chambers of the MK, MKF, MKT und MKFT family specialize in demanding alternating climatic profiles and are helpful to those responsible in production, quality assurance and development in testing a variety of materials. Whether EN, IEC, MIL standards or an individual specification, the units are characterized by high flexibility and reliability. The series are available in different sizes from 53, 115, 240 and 720 liters and equipped with a stable chassis standard for sizes of 115 liters or more. All sizes have a heated viewing window, internal LED chamber lighting and a large access area for easy loading of the chambers. Behind the familiar red BINDER triangle on the front of the units there hides a simply designed control panel with LCD screen and many useful program functions, e.g. up to 25 storable programs and programmable condensation protection.


MK 鈥 Material testing with cooling capacity

The MK environmental simulation chamber is designed for cyclical temperature testing. It masters all heat and cold tests between -40 掳C and +180 掳C and is characterized by its accuracy and performance.

MKF 鈥 Material testing with cooling capacity and vapor pressure humidification

Apart from a temperature range of -40 掳C to +180 掳C, the MKF unit has an additional humidification system and automatic water management system. The drift-free capacitive humidity sensor is responsible for measuring the values and ensures accurate test results. The required temperatures and humidity values in the range of 10 鈥 98% RH are quickly achieved and accurately maintained to cover even the most demanding alternating climatic profiles. The MKF series meets the requirements of international standards such as EN, IEC or MIL.

MKT 鈥 Material testing with cooling capacity and extremely low temperatures

With its extremely low temperatures from -70 掳C, the MKT takes off where MK and MKF units stop. Demonstrated by its rapid heating up and cooling down times, it meets the highest demands on extremely low temperature testing and complex test cycles.

MKFT 鈥 Material testing with cooling capacity, vapor pressure humidification and extremely low temperatures

The all-rounder among environmental simulation chambers has a temperature range of -70 掳C to +180 掳C and a humidification system with humidity values of 10 - 98% RH. The electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification system with capacitive humidity sensor and innovative vapor pressure humidification come into full use. The dynamic climate change and rapid heating up and cooling down times alone cover complex standardized climate testing, e.g. PPV 4017. The MKFT series at a glance.

APT-COM™ DataControlSystem for accurate documentation

As with all BINDER units, value was placed on reliable documentation of test results in developing the MK, MKT, MKF and MKFT units. The system includes continuous monitoring of processes and documents compliant work from simple measurements to complex tasks. A network cable can be used to easily transfer the data to a PC where it can be read. For this reason, BINDER units have an Ethernet interface standard.

APT-line™ creates homogeneous climate conditions

To achieve a representative result regardless of size and quantity, the environmental simulation chambers from BINDER use APT-line™ Technologie that is specific to BINDER units. The hot air is directed horizontally from both sides throughout the inner chamber and there can circulate evenly throughout the space. This has the advantage that test conditions remain constant throughout the entire usable space and that reliable test results are achieved even under full load.

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