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Drug Delivery and Formulation Asia Summit 2013(Oct.17-18,Shanghai China)

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DDFAsia 2013-Drug Delivery and Formulation Asia Summit 2013(Oct.17-18,Shanghai China)

Dear Fellow Delegates and Participants:
Warm welcome to the Drug Delivery and Formulation Asia Summit 2013 in the heart of vibrant and heritage rich culture city, Shanghai, China. The program is being scheduled for 2 full days of talks, deliberations and panel discussions and it will be my immense pleasure to be with you during the event. I am sure we will go back with lot accomplished in terms of meeting our expectations and a few (if not more) newer ways of doing business and finally providing the 鈥渧alue addition鈥 to our respective businesses.

I am very thankful of the Organizers for cherry picking eminent and seasoned speakers for this 2 days event. In the background, Mr. Luke Xia has worked endlessly and put all of his time and sincere efforts in making this event useful and unique for all of us.

All the speakers are eagerly getting ready and will bring in their own prospective and will share the experience and ideas about the current trends in the areas of increasing important formulation and drug delivery for pharmaceuticals

Now coming to the background and the rationale as to why I am making the appeal to you to join me for the mentioned event in spite of the fact that we all are awfully busy in our day to day activities and who has the surplus money and time to attend similar endless list of conferences/summits being advertised every day here and there.

I am sure you will agree with me that irrespective of the country we are living in and working, the end goal for all of us here is to provide an effective and affordable health care and drugs to the any and every citizen of this world. In addition, our global world is getting smaller and smaller as each and every country on this planet is focusing and aiming for the export markets and opportunities outside of their domain and imagination. In order for us to meet that end goal, we have to explore innovative ways of delivering the medicine and that even with the lowest possible cost. Earlier golden days of endless resources and budget have gone and now we all are going through this painful journey of cost containment and innovative strategies of developing and delivering the medicines to our fellow citizens. Our customers both internal and end customer including government and insurance payers are getting more and more wise and demanding. In this competitive business world, people and organization will be successful only if they change their existing ways of doing business and explore and bring in innovations in each and every domain of their work sphere and provide 鈥渧alue addition鈥 to the customer. But the question comes, how and from where we can bring in the 鈥渃rystal ball鈥 that can meet the regulatory compliance and also our organization鈥檚 bottom line in terms of timeline and profitability. Here lies the role and value of all of us over here to meet and brain storm the ideas, experience and 鈥渢he failure鈥 stories. You must be surprised why I said failure stories? This is because I strongly believe as Dale Carnegie, a very famous author once said 鈥淒evelop success from failures. Discouragement and failures are two of the surest stepping stones to success鈥.

I am sure the background and genesis of the proposed agenda as explained above has triggered enough and required spark and professional appetite within yourself. If so, please pencil in the dates Oct.17th and 18th in your calendar and join me at the Formulation and Drug Delivery Summit 2013. At the end, let me say with confidence that you will go back with your bag full of expectations and newer ideas to explore during day to day at your respective workplaces.

Good luck in the meantime and see you all in October in Shanghai!


Chairman Chairman
Dr. Jack Aurora, Chief Scientific Officer, Hisun Pharm

Part of leading discussions:

鈼 Life cycle management strategies for new drugs and generic follow-ups
鈼 Role and value of drug delivery in drug development and pipeline management
鈼 Market driven formulation innovations
鈼 Examining the value of Drug Delivery as a Corporate Strategy
鈼 Panel Discussion: Drug Delivery Technologies: needs, challenges, and expectations
鈼廌evice development (case study) first time right and time to market
鈼廙icrosphere technology (case study) advantages and challenges in development
鈼廠olubility enhancement technologies (case study) how and why?
鈼廌rug solubility and/or permeability enhancement applications: Limitations and constraints
鈼廝anel Discussion: Advances in small molecules formulations and delivery systems
鈼廍nhancing CNS delivery through Nasal rou茅 of drug delivery
鈼廡he multidisciplinary approach that defines controlled drug delivery
鈼廡rans-dermal and dermal drug delivery: today and tomorrow
鈼廞bD (Quality by Design) and drug delivery development?
鈼廔n-vitro dissolution and IVIVC concepts and applications
鈼廝rimary and secondary factors affecting BA/BE studies outcome and expectations
鈼廈ioequivalence requirements in US/EU and China: Background concepts
鈼廇pplication oflipid technologies to solve and facilitate drug delivery solutions

Part of leading speakers:

鈼廎eng Qian, Professor, Tsinghua University
鈼廕ack Aurora, Chief Scientific Officer, Hisun Pharm
鈼廣ipan Dhall, Vice President& Head of R&D (Formulations), Piramal Pharmaceuticals
鈼廤eiGuo Dai, Director of Drug Delivery and Device Development, Johnson and Johnson锛圱BC锛
鈼廇llen Zhang, Chief Operating Officer, YusongYuan Pharmaceuticals
鈼廡omas Landh, Director, Novo Nordisk (TBC)
鈼廋hao pin Lee, Associate Director, GSK
鈼廌echeng Ma, Director, Functional Area Sourcing, MSD China R&D
鈼廞ing Li锛孲enior Director, OTC and Innovative Generics R&D锛孹ian-Janssen Pharmaceutical

Conference Name

3rd Annual Drug Delivery and Formulation Asia Summit


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Luke Xia



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Conference City

Shanghai China



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