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Webinar: New Approach into the Science of Cytoskeletal Disturbances

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Cellectricon presents a webinar with real-life examples on 16 May, 11am-12pm (EDT)
Molndal, Sweden 鈥 29 April 2013 鈥 Cellectricon, a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening technologies and services, invites researchers to join a webinar investigating new methods for approaching drug development in the fields of CNS and chronic pain. The webinar, entitled A Novel Approach to Discovery Using Electric Field Stimulation Assays for Cytoskeletal Disturbances, will be held on Thursday 16th May, 11am-12pm (EDT) and will offer attendees an ideal opportunity to hear first-hand how compound profiling and Cellectricon鈥檚 powerful Cellaxess® Elektra platform can advance research in the area. To register for the webinar visit www.cellectricon.com/events.
Detailing real-life examples, the webinar will provide listeners with an insight into electric field stimulation using the Cellaxess Elektra, and the advanced solution it offers for novel, excitable cell-based assays. The speakers - Dr Mattias Karlsson (Chief Technology Officer, Cellectricon) and Dr Paul Karila (Head of Discovery Services, Cellectricon) - will guide listeners through the technology, applications and key principles for successful phenotypic assays in cytoskeletal research. As such, the webinar will be of particular benefit to scientists and clinical development managers looking to enhance assay workflow and protocols in the fields of neurobiology, lead discovery, in vitro screening and translational science, to name a few key areas.
For more information on Cellectricon, or to register for the webinar visit www.cellectricon.com
About Cellectricon
Cellectricon provides state-of-the-art discovery services and enabling technologies to accelerate drug discovery and cell-based research. Our compound profiling services in excitable cells and native tissue provide researchers with decision-making insight into the science of cytoskeletal disturbances, particularly focusing on chronic pain.
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