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Cellectricon launches outsourced Discovery Services to enhance research into ...

hits:769     Date:04/04/13
New services to provide early go/no go data decisions to reduce drug discovery costs
Mölndal, Sweden 鈥 04 April 2013 鈥 Cellectricon, a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening technologies, today announced the launch of its Discovery Services division. The new services offer pharma/biotech companies and CROs cutting-edge phenotypic screening support, accelerating drug discovery and cell-based assay research into cytoskeletal disturbances 鈥 especially for chronic pain.
Cellectricon鈥檚 Discovery Services aim to help drug discovery teams shorten lead development times and reduce costs. With leading expertize in assay development and screening, Cellectricon鈥檚 Discovery Services team provides fully collaborative support, tailored to each individual study. The entire services process is highly interactive, and guarantees all partners are well informed via frequent reports on assay performance, observations and progress, to ensure project goals are fully realized.
Announcing the new offering, Dr Paul Karila, Head of Cellectricon鈥檚 Discovery Services, said: 鈥淥ur Cellaxess Elektra discovery platform is ideal for compound profiling in excitable primary cells and native tissue using transfection and specific electric field stimulation (EFS). With our platform, we can help researchers identify phenotypic effects in highly relevant biological models early enough in a project鈥檚 lifecycle to add real value to the decision of whether to pursue or eliminate a compound, which translates to considerable cost savings in the drug development business.鈥
For more information on Cellectricon鈥檚 Discovery Services and how the new services can benefit your research, visit www.cellectricon.com/discovery-services
About Cellectricon
Cellectricon is a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening technologies and services to accelerate drug discovery and cell-based assay research. Our proprietary technologies include leading systems for high resolution ion-channel screening and cell engineering. Developed in close collaboration with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and esteemed research labs, the Cellaxess® Technology enables scalable field stimulation, compound delivery and transfection for genomic screening of primary cells, neurones and stem cells. The Dynaflow® Technology advances ion channel research and discovery applications.
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