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World Biopharma Week China Focus 2013 remains top biotech and pharma partnering ...

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World Biopharma Week China Focus 2013

World Biopharma Week China Focus 2013 remains top biotech and pharma partnering event in Asia Pacific

Shanghai, China 鈥 March 20, 2013: The annual World Biopharma Week China Focus 2013 will be held on September 4-6, 2013 in Shanghai, China with the theme 鈥淣ew Growth, New Challenges!" The event, organized by UMS Institute, the leading partnering forum for the life science industry, in collaboration with the International Biopharma R&D Association. There will be over 400 delegates representing 190 companies from 30 countries engaged in WBW 2013 with more opportunities, confirming World BioPharm Week China Focus 2013 as the premier destination for forming partnerships between emerging innovator and start-up companies, and large multinational firms.

"World Biopharma Week China Focus 2013 will bring the most talented, innovative leaders of biotech and pharma to China," said David Mullaney, Executive Vice President, Asia Market of International Biopharma R&D Association. "The goal of partnering, the goal of this event, is the improvement of healthcare for all, and ultimately facilitating this progress of biopharma industry. This can only be achieved by coupling novel research with the right investor partners. That is the reason WBW exists."

The Chinese Biopharma market is currently the third greatest pharma market globally, after the US and Japan, and in 2011 was worth $40 billion. It is forecast to increase dramatically by 2015 and increase its dominance as a leading player in Asia. As the current third market leader it is predicted that the Chinese pharma market will be the main competitor of the US by 2020. The Chinese biopharmaceutical market has huge opportunities for growth. This industry will significantly affect the international healthcare market and has enormous potential for investment. The improvement of the industrial infrastructure, the supporting plans of the government, the influx of a large number of returnees, and the entrance of a growing number of experienced multinational companies all have contributed to the fast growth of the biopharma industry in China.

The instability of the global BioPharma industry are inevitable and bound to become a key focus of almost all drug companies worldwide, large or small, major or startup. World Biopharma Week China Focus 2013 will invite 45+ Leaders from Biopharmaceutical, Vaccine& Antibody Companies to bring you the latest trends in the industry which are highly interesting. It is a grand platform for face-to-face communication with R&D, Vactech, Antibdy Engineering and other parts of the BioPharma industry.

WBW 2013 will combine a commercial exhibition ,a strategic confrence, 2 technical Forum, a business cocktail party and a site tour for Biopharmaceutical, Vaccine, Antibody Companies and leading services providers all over the world to develop their involvement in the Biopharma industry. Welcome you to join the top biotech and pharma partnering event!

View more information about World Biopharma Week China Focus 2013 online at  http://www.umsinstitute.org/biopharma2013/index.aspx 


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