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The 14th SCBA International Symposium (July 19-23, 2013, Xi鈥檃n, China)

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The 14th SCBA International Symposium
The Second Announcement
Xi鈥檃n, China
July 19-23, 2013
Dear Colleague:
We are deeply honored to invite you to attend the Fourteenth International Symposium of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (The 14th SCBA International Symposium) in Xi鈥檃n, China, from July 19th to 22nd, 2013.
Life science is one of the most thriving research fields in China and around the world, with enormous implications on human health and social advancement. The last few decades have witnessed the birth and growth of molecular biology, human genome science, stem cell biology and a variety of interdisciplinary subjects that have profoundly enriched our knowledge of human life. The discoveries and achievements have also provided unprecedented opportunities for the sustainable development in agriculture, medicine, energy, environment and many other industries.
Now we are delighted to announce that the 14th SCBA International Symposium will be held in July 2013 in Xi鈥檃n, Shaanxi. The symposium will be co-sponsored by SCBA and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and co-hosted by The Forth Military Medical University and the Translational Medicine and Biotechnology Innovation Alliance of China. Invited speakers include Nobel laureates, members of the US National Academy of Sciences, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Science, and other experts in biological and biomedical sciences. In order to strengthen communications and collaborations, young scientists are encouraged to submit their abstract for poster presentations. One with excellent work might win a prize.
Xi'an, the capital city of thirteen dynasties in ancient China, owns a long history and a splendid culture. The world heritage Terra Cotta Warriors and other renowned treasures have made Xi鈥檃n a must-see place for visitors from all over the world. Today, top-notch research,  high-end technology and a wealth of educational resources have brought a new look to this burgeoning city. Besides scientific communication, a number of tours and activities will be available for symposium participants.
We appreciate your concern and support, and look forward to meeting you!
Sincerely yours,
Xiao-Fan Wang, Ph.D., President of SCBA and Chair of the 14th SCBA International
Zhi-Nan Chen, Executive Chair of the 14th SCBA International Symposium
I. Conference Theme: Better Life and Health
II. Sponsor Organizations:
The Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America & The Chinese
Academy of Engineering Division of Medicine & Health
Host Organizations: The Forth Military Medical University & The Translational
Medicine and Biotechnology Innovation Alliance of China
Co-organizer: Zhejiang University, Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology, Chinese Society of Immunology, Cell Engineering &
Genetically Modified Organisms Branch of CSCB
III. Organizations:
Honorary Chair: Zhu Chen
Chair: Xiao-Fan Wang
Executive Chair: Zhi-Nan Chen
Advisory Committee:
Xue-Tao Cao, Sai-Juan Chen, Xiang-Mei Chen, Xiao-Ya Chen, Jing Cheng,
Bin Cong, Zi-Xin Deng, Jian Ding, Xin-Nian Dong, Shu-Min Duan, Dai-Ming Fan, Xiang-Dong Fu, Jun-Bo Ge, Aike Guo, Fu-Chu He, Wei He, Lu-Sheng Huang, Naihe Jing, Le Kang, Da-Peng Li, Jia-Yang Li, Lin Li, Qishui Lin, An-Min Meng, Gang Pei, Gui-Xing Qiu, Zi-He Rao, Yong-Feng Shang, Yi-Gong Shi, Yun-Yu Shi, Hong-Bing Shu, En-Duo Wang, Hong-Yang Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Zhi-Xin Wang, Yu-Quan Wei, Jian-Guo Xu, Bao-Feng Yang, Jin-Ming Yu, Zhi-Hong Xu, Jun-Ying Yuan, Yi-Xin Zeng, Qi-Min Zhan, Ming-Jie Zhang, Qi-Fa Zhang, Xue-Min Zhang, Ya-Ping Zhang, Guo-Ping Zhao, Jin-Dong Zhao, Yu-Pei Zhao, Jian-Kang Zhu, Yu-Xian Zhu, Yingguo Zhu, Kenneth Fong, Horace Loh, Mien-Chie Hung, Joseph Li, Choong-Chin Liew, Jean Shih, Lap-Chee Tsui, Savio Woo, Robert Yu
Chair of Program Committee:Xiao-Fan Wang, Zhi-Nan Chen, Jim Hu (Secretary General)
Ye-Guang Chen, Genhong Cheng, Gensheng Feng, Xin-Hua Feng,
Zhong-Ping Feng, Kwok Pui Fung, Jiahuai Han, Choy Leong Hew, Hong
Nerng Ho, Tao-Shih Hsieh, Wei Li, Yi Li, Song Li, Zhan-Guo Li, Xiao-Xing
Luo, Jinrong Peng, Yang Shi, Yun-Bo Shi, Bing Su, Song-Yang Zhou,
Ming-Jer Tsai, Jian-Ying Wang, TC Wu, Xiao-Feng Zeng, Feng-Chun
Zhang, Keji Zhao, Richard Zhao, Ping Zhu, Quan-Ming Zou
Chair of Organizing Committee: Zhi-Nan Chen, Xin-Hua Feng
Members: Hui-Jie Bian, Chien-Jen Chen, Hong-Yong Cui, Xiao-Rong Dang, Jim Hu,
Mien-Chie Hung, Jian-Li Jiang, Hsing-Jien Kung, Ling Li, Yu Li, Peter Liu, Horace Loh, Ming-Jer Tsai, Xiaodong Wang, TC Wu, Jing Xu, Xiang-Min Yang, Dihua Yu, Richard Zhao, Hui Zheng
Chair of Award Committee: Dihua Yu
Members: Xin-Hua Feng, WanJin Hong, Hsing-Jien Kung, Mengfeng Li, Yun-Bo Shi,
Xiao-Fan Wang, TC Wu, Dihua Yu
Chair of Local Organizing Committee: Jian-Li Jiang
Members:   Ting Guo, Li Su, Rongrong Yang, Fu-Yin Hao
IV. Conference Scale: About 1000 attendees
V. Important Time:
Registration, July 19th, 2013
Meeting sessions, July 20th-23th
VI. Meeting Location:
Jian Guo Hotel, Huzhu Road No.2, Beilin District, Xi鈥檃n, Shaanxi, China
VII. Conference Agenda:

July 19th
All Day
July 20th
Plenary report
Branch report
July 21th
All Day
Branch report
Branch report
July 22th
Plenary report
Branch report
July 23th
Closing ceremony銆丳lenary
VIII. Conference format:
Plenary report and Branch report Speakers who make reports will be invited by program committee or selected from the summary of submissions.
For details, see the conference website: http://www.scba2013.com
IX. Requirements for Papers:
1. Requirements for Abstracts: The abstracts should be unpublished research under the topic covered by the meeting. Each abstract length requires less than 600 words in English.
2. Abstracts Format: It includes title, author's name, institution, city, zip code, abstract, keywords, complete contact information of the corresponding author and so on.
(Specific requirements are available in abstract template.) When submitting your abstract, you should indicate the theme category it belongs to. (see the following classification).
Theme Categories:
1. Biotech and Biopharm
(Drug development and biomarkers)
2. Cancer Research
(Signaling, mechanisms and therapy)
3. Gene Regulation, RNA and Protein Biology
(Transcription, RNA processing, non-coding RNA and post-translational modifications, protein stability)
4. Genomic Biology and Genetic Diseases
(Genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, gene function and deficiencies, evolution)
5. Immunity, Infection and Inflammation
(Virus, microbe, vaccine, immunology, autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory diseases such as organ or tissue injury, including resistance to important pathogens such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus)
6. Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology
(Gene, cell and molecular regulatory network of rheumatic autoimmune diseases and
development and application of new immunosuppressive and biological agents )
7. Metabolic Diseases
(Diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases, and their prevention and control)
8. Neuroscience, Aging and Degenerative Diseases
 (Neural development and function, Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders)
9. Plant Biology and Agricultural Sciences
(Plant and agriculture related sciences, including control and its evaluation of transgenic plants, systematic biological assessment of plant species and industrialized cultivation)
10. Stem Cell, Gene & Cell Therapy
(Stem cell, cell therapy and gene therapy including differentiation and functions of stem
11. Technology Development
(Structural biology, single cell imaging or analysis, new developments in mass-spectrometry and other novel techniques)
12. Public Health
(Contemporary intervention medicine and new models of health care, personalized medicine, and mechanism of disease prevention and control)
X. Submitting Way:
You should send abstract with an attachment to the Conference Preparatory Group 锛坈hcerca@fmmu.edu.cn锛塧nd mark the classification of your abstract(see the content of theme categories). Mailed print version is not accepted. And the abstract you submit will not be returned. Please keep a copy.
Deadline of Submitting Papers: April 30th, 2013
XI. Conference Registration:
Registration fee is 锟1400 if you register before May 30th, 2013.
Registration fee is 锟1600 if you register after May 30th, 2013.
The fee will be paid on the scene.
Note: The registration will be effective only after the response form received.
XII.Room Reservations:
Jian Guo Hotel锛堚槄鈽呪槄鈽呪槄锛
Standard Room: 锟500/room/day, (if share with others---锟250/bed/day)
Deluxe Room: 锟700/room/day
XIII. Contact Information:
Ting Guo and Rongrong Yang
Address: No.169 Changle West Road, Xi鈥檃n, Shaanxi, China
Tel: 86-29-84773667, 86-29-84773243
Fax: 86-29-83293906
Zip Code: 710032
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