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LSCN and TCG form Collaboration to Assist Life Science Companies with ...

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LSCN and TCG form Collaboration to Assist Life Science Companies with Transatlantic Market Growth Opportunities

News attracts medical device, diagnostic and biotechnology companies interested in US or European market expansion.

Heidelberg, Germany and Durham, NC, USA, February 21, 2013 --- LSCN Ltd. (Life Science Consulting Network) in Heidelberg and the Technology Commercialization Group (TCG) in Durham, North Carolina have created an international strategic partnership to help life science companies with transatlantic business development and corporate development projects.

鈥淲e鈥檙e delighted to be working with LSCN, a premier European life sciences consulting firm鈥, said Ken West, Managing Partner of TCG. 鈥淭hey have the skills, local experience and 鈥榦n-the-ground鈥 presence necessary to help our US-based clients develop and implement European market entry and growth strategies鈥.

The US and Europe are the two largest life science, medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical markets in the world, but they have vastly different regulatory, reimbursement, marketing and legal environments. Life science companies who have developed and marketed a product on one continent often find that developing business across the Atlantic is a challenge. This is especially true for emerging and mid-sized companies.

Dr. Alrik Koppenhöfer, Managing Director & Partner of LSCN, commented 鈥淢any European companies aim to internationalize their business, especially in the US marketplace, but are concerned about the FDA, US lawyers and the resources necessary to effectively compete. TCG has guided many European companies in entering or expanding in the US, so they know what works well. Vice versa, LSCN supports many companies in Europe鈥檚 multi-cultural and diverse legal and business environment to implement customized solutions鈥.

In addition to providing services for transatlantic corporate development and growth, both LSCN and TCG provide specialized life science product development oversight as well as interim management for corporate expansion efforts.

More information about LSCN and TCG can be found at www.lscn.eu and www.tcgmedtech.com.

About LSCN --- LSCN Ltd. is an international consultancy founded in 2004 and headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. LSCN comprises more than 20 senior executives and partners with a strong track record and hands-on experience in the life science industry, most of whom are located across Europe. LSCN鈥檚 core expertise is corporate and business development providing successful strategic solutions and implementation for partnering and organic growth. LSCN is capitalizing on a strong experience with market research and competitive intelligence, pricing and reimbursement, regulatory affairs, market access, financial valuation, deal making, legal, and human resources.

About TCG --- TCG is an international consulting company formed in 1998, headquartered in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina, with an office in Heidelberg, Germany. TCG works closely with medical device, diagnostic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life science companies to develop and implement successful commercial strategies for new products and markets. TCG consultants are all former senior executives of successful life science companies who have brought new products to market, have built organizations and have created significant commercial value.

Alrik Koppenhöfer
Keplerstr. 11
D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Ken West
1009 Slater Road, Suite 450
Durham, NC 27703

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