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Conference Agenda Now Available! Stem Cell Course and Clinical Practicum

hits:2637     Date:02/21/13

Select Bio announces the first comprehensive Stem Cell Course and Clinical Practicum to be held in Palm Springs, April 22-23, 2013.

This summit seeks to bring together researchers and clinicians focusing on translating basic discoveries in the stem cells field into applications in cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.

Basic research findings as well as clinical case studies will be presented at this summit and discussed within the framework of the direction this field is taking with associated challenges and opportunities.

Learn how to safely harvest adult mesenchymal cells from marrow and fat using state-of the-art surgical instruments, methods and techniques on both cadaveric and model tissue. Observe first hand actual cases within the operating room, while expert surgeons provide real-time explanations and advice on proper procurement of regenerative cells. Personal tips on how to minimize trauma and enhance harvest efficiency will be provided by a highly regarded expert panel of regenerative surgeons in active practice.

 "So much has changed in a year... Whether you are a surgeon, internist, radiologist or cell biologist, you simply cannot afford to miss this important practicum and hands-on program..." Dr. Melvin Bircoll (Plastic Surgeon, and the first surgeon to perform liposuction in the United States. Originator of the Autologous Fat Transfer technique.)

Receive "hands-on" laboratory training using common instruments and the latest cGMP all-in-one systems. Gain practical first hand experience with sterility and stringency standards necessary for tissue culture related material use. (*Note that tissue culture is not allowed in the United States without IND status.)

During this lab training part of the course attendees will gain an intimate knowledge and work with first-hand flow cytometry and other state-of-the-art instruments to allow safety, quality control and functional characterization of therapeutic cells prior to deployment.

 "Whereas most surgical workshops cost in the thousands to attend, Select Bio will be offering practical training combined with high quality basic science lectures at a fraction of typical conferences and with over 12 hours of daily educational experience available to the ambitious attendee... I would reserve a spot now as physical space is limited due to O.R. and Radiology Lab building code restrictions..." Dr. Allan Wu (Cosmetic Surgeon, Board Certified Cryobiologist, Inventor of the AIM Technique)

Observe first-hand an actual case of radiologic deployment in an advanced radiology center under CT, MRI and ultrasound guidance. Finer details of needle selection, positioning and imaging parameters will be shared by a board certified radiologist with one of the largest North American case series of interventional regenerative radiology.

To guarantee a high attendance at this exciting event, Select Bio will maintain their traditional low registration fees and group booking discounts.

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee breaks provide ample time for networking and to continue discussions from the question and answer sessions.

For further information contact Enal Razvi

Select Biosciences Ltd
Woodview | Bull Lane | Sudbury | CO10 0FD | UK

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