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Hear about Asia鈥檚 most promising drug pipelines at the Asian Biotech Showcase

hits:836     Date:02/15/13
BioPharma Asia ConventionAsia is emerging as a powerhouse of pharmaceutical R&D with continued breakthroughs in the latest scientific discoveries and developments. As global pharmas look to relocate their R&D activities to the region and invest intensive resources in building up their portfolios, there is a continued trend for global pharmas to engage in cross-border partnerships with local biotechs and institutions.
At the Asian Biotech Showcase, more than 50 Asian Biotechs will showcase their current drug pipelines and discuss partnerships they are looking for to help advance their drug development cycles. Register today  to attend this event and meet face to face with:
  路      Chief Executive Officer, Bio-synectics, South Korea
  路      Chief Executive Officer, BeiGene, China
  路      Chief Executive Officer, aRigen Pharmaceuticals, Japan
  路      Chief Business Officer, Cancer Therapeutics, Australia
  路      Chief Executive Officer, Vitas Pharma, India
  路      Chief Executive Officer,  Neurim, Israel
  路      Chief Executive Officer, A2 Bioscience, Singapore
There are limited press passes available and press registration for the convention is compulsory. Advanced scheduling for interviews with speakers is recommended. Contact Jolene Lee at jolene.lee@terrapinn.com to register for a press pass.
Boiler Plate
BioPharma Asia Convention is the largest biopharmaceutical event in Asia where 4000+ global and Asian biotech and pharmaceutical stakeholders come together to discuss issues, strategies, innovations and partnerships across the industry.  Over 4 days with 7 different conferences tracks on partnering, stem cells, drug discovery, biologic manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, clinical trials and supply chain, industry leaders and key decision makers from across the globe come together in Singapore for discussions and networking opportunities to determine the trends and strategies for the year ahead.
Contact Details
Name: Jolene Lee
Position: Marketing Manager, Terrapinn, Singapore
Contact number: +65 6322 2318
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