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Exeter Analytical: Percentage Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen Determination in Volatile Samples

hits:1742     Date:02/10/13
Exeter Analytical Inc. has developed a reliable sample preparation technique that enables accurate determination of the percentage Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H) and Nitrogen (N) in difficult to analyze volatile samples. The same sample preparation technique has been found to also generate excellent results from air sensitive and hygroscopic samples.

Knowledge of the CHN content of volatile petroleum products and lubricants can be useful in determining their performance characteristics. However, the CHN microanalysis of such volatile samples, especially those with high hydrogen content, requires careful sample handling, wide detector linearity and easy sample residue removal.

Percentage Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen Determination in Volatile Samples

The sample preparation technique, described in technical report 233, involves hermetically sealing samples into heavy walled tin capsules under an inert atmosphere inside a glove box.  The tin capsule is cold welded shut using an Exeter Analytical capsule sealer. This careful sample preparation technique together with controlled introduction of the sealed capsules into an Exeter Analytical Model 440 CHN analyzer is demonstrated to eliminate the problems associated with analysing air sensitive, hygroscopic and volatile samples.

For a copy of technical report 233 please contact Exeter Analytical Inc. on +1-978-251-1411 or email sales@eai1.com.

Benefiting from a horizontal furnace design, the Exeter Analytical Model 440, allows analysts to routinely and simply produce accurate and precise data on wide ranging sample types without system re-optimisation, saving precious time and reducing running costs.  The advantages of the Exeter Model 440 are particularly beneficial to laboratories analyzing filtered environmental samples, organic sediments, volatile liquids and time-dependent combustible samples.


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