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Porvair: Heat Sealer reproducibly seals microplates of all types & sizes

hits:891     Date:01/10/13
new MiniSeal Plus heat sealer The new MiniSeal Plus heat sealer from Porvair Sciences operates with a very high force thereby ensuring high integrity sealing of deep well or even irregularly shaped microplates.
Building upon the proven track record of Porvair's trusted MiniSeal semi-automatic microplate sealer 鈥 MiniSeal Plus offers users even greater comfort and safety in use, together with unmatched reproducibility in sealing microplates of all types and sizes.
Designed for ease-of-use and installation the compact MiniSeal Plus just requires plugging into a single electrical outlet to operate.  Unlike larger and more expensive automated sealers the MiniSeal Plus does not require a compressed air supply to operate.  Controlled through a splash-proof keyboard a MiniSeal Plus can be installed, up to temperature and sealing plates within minutes of unpacking. The compact footprint, about the size of a sheet of A4 paper, means that MiniSeal Plus will fit just about anywhere - on your lab bench or inside a fume hood if required.
Rapid heat-up time, a real-time display of the sealing head temperature, automatic plate head detection and pre-cut sealing films combine to simplify your microplate sealing.  Drawer loading of microplates into the MiniSeal Plus is both quiet and eliminates the health and safety risks found with some heat sealing systems. In addition to accommodating regular microplates the MiniSeal Plus comes as standard with 2 plate adapters that also enable sealing of deep well and PCR plates.
The MiniSeal Plus is capable of producing an accurate and tight seal on any standard, deep well or PCR microplate from 3 to 48mm in height. Offering adjustable temperature heat-sealing from 50C up to 200C - MiniSeal is able to operate optimally with most foil and film seals.

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