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Link Technologies Reveals Latest Trends in Nucleotide Innovation

hits:905     Date:12/06/12
Increase in demand for vitamin-modified oligos to improve nucleotide drug delivery 
BELLSHILL, SCOTLAND, 5 December 2012: As a certified specialist in the provision of phosphoramidites and reagents for oligo synthesis, both direct to research groups and to oligo manufacturers, Link Technologies Ltd has observed a significant increase in requests for vitamin-modified oligo precursors, following on from the increasing use of vitamin-modified oligonucleotides in life science research. The growing interest in such compounds is reflective of the current buzz that surrounds research into the enhanced targeting and delivery of nucleotide-based treatments. Such research is vital for the therapeutic industry, wherein accurate targeting and effective uptake of pharmaceutical compounds is essential, not only for positive medicinal value but also to avoid undesirable, potentially dangerous side effects.
For example, researchers have recently highlighted the value of utilising vitamin-modified oligonucleotides, such as those containing tocopherol1, to facilitate oligonucleotide transport across cell membranes. The sourcing of reliable and pure modified phosphoramidite precursors for oligo synthesis will prove an important step in the production of such therapeutics, for use in gene therapy, RNA-induced gene silencing and further academic research.
The rise in demand for modified oligos is not only concurrent with the wealth of research in the drug delivery sector, but also with the progression of promising early-stage drug development into phased clinical trials. Such commercial progressions are utilising increasing quantities of these chemically-altered oligos and, as such, Link Technologies has witnessed a rise in order quantities of the constituent modified phosphoramidites, to the scale of kilogram and beyond.
Dr Catherine McKeen, Technical Manager at Link Technologies, commented: 鈥淎s a company dedicated to the provision of quality molecular tools, Link Technologies has the expertise and capacity to rapidly upgrade a product from small scale generation to production in kilogram quantities, as and when commercial progression dictates. Link Technologies can uniquely offer researchers supply and support throughout the entire research and testing lifetime of a Link product, omitting the need to change suppliers and thus eliminating any associated risk with product variation.鈥
The range of phosphoramidite modifications available is large and growing, fuelled in part by the extensive research and optimisation programs being undertaken at suppliers such as Link Technologies. With over 20 years鈥 experience in the manufacture of modified phosphoramidites and solid supports, Link Technologies continues to build good relationships with Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs); partnering and providing expertise for the product journey, from research compound to commercial reagent. This proactive approach not only assists the development of the chemical process but also allows Link Technologies to recognise and react to early indicators of future product demand, ensuring that they remain on top of trends to meet research needs.
For more information please visit the Link Technologies website at www.linktech.co.uk or follow us on Twitter: @linktechdna.      
About Link Technologies Ltd
Link Technologies Ltd is a leading kilo-scale supplier of speciality reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis and modification, all to the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. The company鈥檚 main markets are university and commercial research departments, plus, increasingly, larger Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) in the biotech sector.
Link has also forged successful links to academia working closely with many UK universities. In tandem with internal research and development, the Company has an excellent record in bringing in-licence products to market with various worldwide commercial partners.
For further information see: www.linktech.co.uk.
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