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New Whitepaper Compares Gene Expression Analysis Technologies

hits:944     Date:11/20/12
Plexpress helps researchers to make an informed choice
HELSINKI, FINLAND, 19 Nov 2012: Plexpress, developer of the innovative TRAC platform for high-throughput gene expression analysis, has released a free-to-download whitepaper entitled 鈥Gene expression analysis: A review 鈥 high throughput multiplex gene expression analysis from discovery to in-depth investigation鈥. The document provides a comprehensive review of the major methods available, comparing and contrasting the various technical, time and cost implications of each, offering the reader a wealth of well-presented information on the topic. The whitepaper has been written in response to the growing trend across drug discovery, life science research and bioproduction optimization to use gene expression as the biomarker of choice. Particular emphasis is placed on recent FDA draft report guidance suggesting that measurement of CYP mRNA is the best method for pre-clinical drug ADME-Tox studies (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicology). This announcement has resulted in a real need for a multiplexed gene expression analysis method that is both time-and-cost effective without sacrificing sample number.
Choice of gene expression analysis technologies are dependent on specific study needs and, with the many genome-wide and targeted options available, deciding on the best approach can be challenging. This is especially so when trying to find the right balance between multiplex analysis (number of genes) and project depth (number of samples). In the last ten years new technologies have emerged such as Plexpress鈥 TRAC (Transcript Analysis with aid of Affinity Capture) which successfully combines high sample throughput with efficient gene multiplexing. Integration of the TRAC platform with other services such as microarrays or pre-validated gene panels for ADME-Tox applications also provides time-and-cost effective flexibility for a range of studies.
The whitepaper aims to simplify the reader鈥檚 choice of gene expression analysis by providing detailed information on each method鈥檚 applications, strengths and weaknesses. Clear comparisons are offered, reflecting upon important cost and efficiency considerations, providing researchers with the insight to identify the best method for the task at hand. 
To see these comparisons and to learn more about gene expression analysis methods download the whitepaper. For more information about TRAC and Plexpress, please visit www.plexpress.com
About Plexpress
Plexpress was established as a spinoff from the Finnish Technology Research Center VTT in 2007. Including R&D at VTT, the company鈥檚 TRAC technology has been developed continuously for nearly 10 years and it has been documented in over 15 publications. The technology was originally developed for demanding bioprocess applications, which required a very robust solution for gene expression analysis. Since starting operations in 2008, the company has carried out over 50 projects using the TRAC technology in the fields of pharmaceutical development and academic research.
For further information see: www.plexpress.com
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