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Porvair Sciences announces a new Liquid Extraction (SLE) microplate

hits:1129     Date:07/13/17
        SLE Plate Provides High Recovery Extraction of Analytes from Biological Fluids

Porvair Sciences announces a new easy-to-use 96-well Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE) microplate designed for high recovery extraction of analytes from biological fluids.   

Using the Porvair SLE plate high analyte recovery, free of proteins and phospholipids, is routinely obtainable without the need for offline steps such as protein precipitation.

Supported Liquid Extraction is a separation technique similar to traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) which uses water and an immiscible solvent to extract analytes.  In SLE, the aqueous sample is immobilised on an inert support such as diatomaceous earth, and the organic phase flows through the support, eliminating problems such as emulsion formation.

Based upon the automation compatible Microlute 96-well format, the Porvair SLE plate provides fast, reproducible and economical sample clean-up when used with a simple vacuum manifold or positive pressure device. Proprietary frit technology in the plate ensures that samples will not drip or breakthrough until pressure or vacuum are applied, allowing longer dwell time in the plate wells.

The large pore size and high pore volume of the diatomaceous earth inert support, combined with a wide pH working range (1-13), allows the separation of viscous aqueous solutions such as blood, plasma and serum which may contain phospholipids and proteins. Demonstrating high recovery rates for small polar and non-polar compounds the Porvair SLE plate provides the perfect sample clean-up device for physiological fluids prior to analysis by LC/MS. The Porvair SLE plate has also been shown to be particularly helpful to environmental, food and textile labs involved in sample clean-up prior to analysis.

For further information please contact 
Porvair Sciences now on +44-1978-666222 / int.sales@porvair-sciences.com 

Established in 1992, Porvair Sciences is one of the largest global manufacturers of ultra-clean microplates for life science, synthetic chemistry and many other applications.  Porvair Sciences Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc.

Worldwide HQ 

Porvair Sciences Ltd
Clywedog Rd South
Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wales LL13 9XS
Tel: +44 1978 666222 
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